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Leawood Wedding Reception: Amber and Josh May 29, 2009

Amber and Josh chose to say their vows at a beachside resort in the Turks and Caicos islands. At the end of April, they took a trip with each of their parents and got married on the beach! Since some resorts don’t allow outside photographers for destination weddings, Amber and Josh opted to have me cover their reception this past weekend, where they celebrated with their family and friends who didn’t make the trip to the islands!

I loved how Amber and Josh tied in their island theme, displayed photos and showed a video from their destination wedding, and really helped share that experience with their guests. The reception was held at Terrace on the Green in Leawood, and it was a beautiful venue with tons of natural light.

This post will have a lot of fun details from their reception — full of great ideas for other couples who want to throw a reception at home after a destination wedding!

First, the happy newlyweds:



And some of the beautiful details:




I loved the big paper lantern globes on the ceiling!


These wedding mints are shaped like seashells!



Wedding favors — with one of their beach wedding photos printed on the box!


The dinner buffet by Above and Beyond Catering — they’re always SO good… yummy food, great service!


The dress (gorgeous!) — and perfect for a beach wedding AND an elegant reception!


Okay, now on to the events! First, they watched a video of the wedding ceremony and a slideshow of the couple through the years. The crowd loved it, and it was fun to watch Amber and Josh’s reaction to their wedding video.


Amber and Josh’s first dance was so cute.



During the father-daughter and mother-son dances, they invited other dads/daugthers and moms/sons to join them on the dance floor. It was a nice touch! Here’s Amber dancing with her dad, and another father-daughter pair:



The couple toasting:


The bouquet and garter tosses:



I love grandparents, and especially grandparents dancing at receptions. :) First up, the cha-cha slide! Secondly, the “anniversary” dance. Amber’s grandparents won the dance — they’ve been married for 59 years! How awesome is that? :)



More fun shots:




Amber and Josh, thank you so much for letting me capture your special wedding reception! Congratulations!


Marisa and John’s Garden City Wedding May 5, 2009


This past weekend, Jeff and I traveled all the way to Garden City, Kansas, for Marisa and John’s wedding. I have never photographed a Garden City wedding before (and maybe I had never been to Garden City before…), so I was excited to have the chance to shoot in a new place! Marisa and John, along with their awesome families and tons of wedding guests, did not disappoint. It was a gorgeous wedding with beautiful people. Since you’ve been so patiently waiting for this post, I’m brining you tons of photos from their day. :)

We started off, of course, with the ladies getting ready at the church:



Secret: a crochet needle works wonderfully for hooking the threads around individual buttons on a wedding dress!


The bride’s bouquet:



John and Marisa saw each other before the ceremony, which gave us plenty of time for photos! I love these images from their “first sight” moment on their wedding day! John waiting on his bride:




Jeff’s shot (I wish I could claim this one):


Marisa’s elegant dress looked gorgeous with the train spread out:


John and his boys are equally as cute. Check out those adorable little guys in their tuxes!


Marisa was just stunning. Using John’s dad’s vintage car as a background for the photos was also awesome!




This one is Jeff’s view:





The ceremony was very personal and heartfelt. Wedding ceremonies and the traditions in them are definitely one of my most favorite parts to photograph. It’s so moving!

Marisa’s dad walked her down the aisle:




Jeff hid up close in the choir section of the church. We love it when churches allow us to get two very different perspectives on a ceremony. See how cool Jeff’s shots turned out? I love how close he is to the emotion and action!



Driving away after the ceremony:


The reception was at the Clarion (formerly the Plaza) Hotel in Garden City. It was just as elegant and well-done as the rest of the day’s details. I love the fun shots captured during the reception.

See what I mean about the details? This cake was incredible, both in looks AND taste!


The next image is from Marisa and John’s first dance. The dramatic, romantic effect with the lights is so fun. I wanted to capture the real feeling of their first dance, so I turned off my flashes during part of the dance to capture the moment as it happened.


The toasts were beautiful. Jeff captured both of the shots here from each of the toasts. Can’t you just feel the emotion? First is the bride’s sister and maid of honor giving a very heartfelt toast, and the second is the best man — and groom’s cousin — raising his glass to the newlyweds!



The garter tradition:


This shot (Jeff’s again) is just so sweet, and a moment that passed by quickly but is captured forever. Ahh, I love photography. :)


The dance was a fun party, with some of the best two-steppers in all of Kansas. :)






I’ll leave you with one portrait from our quick trip to Marisa’s family’s ranch, where we grabbed some photos with the field of cattle. This is a great example of how fun it is when couples personalize their wedding day and wedding photography to include things that are special to them! Aren’t they cute? :)


Marisa and John, I hope you’re having an awesome time on your honeymoon. Thank you for inviting us to capture your special day. For family and friends who want to see all of their photos, click here to sign the online gallery guestbook and you’ll be notified via e-mail when all of the images are available online!


Molly and Trevan’s Wichita Wedding March 8, 2009


I traveled to Wichita this past weekend for Molly and Trevan’s wedding. It is always a joy to see two people commit their lives to loving one another, and it was so special to be a part of Molly and Trevan’s big day. They are both from my hometown, and I really like stories that start in a small town and end up in awesome things. Molly and Trevan’s love story is one of those. 

We started out the day with all of the girls getting ready at the church. They were one of the most relaxed groups I’ve ever spent a wedding day with, which was just so much fun. I love the behind-the-scenes preparation shots. 



Isn’t Molly just beautiful?



Molly and Trevan opted to see each other before the ceremony. I love these photos, too, because there’s something so special about the one-on-one time.


It was a warm but cloudy day, so we were able to go outside for some of Molly and Trevan’s portraits. We didn’t go anywhere far away — just right outside the church doors. I love how these turned out… and it’s a great example that keeping things simple can result in some amazing photos! After all, it’s not about the location — it’s all about the people!



The beautiful bride:



And the handsome groom:


The wind came up right on cue for these next two photos. :)



More cute couple-in-love shots. I can’t get enough of these! :)






Their ceremony was very romantic, with lots of candlelight and twinkly lights wrapped in tulle. It was perfect for a Friday evening wedding.





Molly and Trevan’s “getaway” vehicle was this great car that belongs to a friend of Molly’s grandpa. I love the shots we got with the car!



And the ring shots… I love these, too. I really like positioning the round shapes of rings against other patterns and lines. Any guesses where I took these ring shots?



The reception was at Tallgrass Country Club, just around the corner from the church, and it was just beautiful. Check out this cake! It is a masterpiece.


A few fun dancing shots:





A girls huddle before the bouquet toss… so cute!


Trevan and his mom:


And one last shot of the newlyweds — their first dance!


Molly and Trevan, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of creating your wedding day memories. Best wishes to you both for a wonderful honeymoon and marriage!

Family and friends can click here to sign in to the online photo gallery. You will automatically be notified when all of their photos are ready to be viewed!


Kansas City Wedding: Tara and Tom February 2, 2009

Tara and Tom were married this past weekend on one of the most gorgeous days I’ve ever experienced in January. The beautiful weather fit perfectly with their beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. Tara did a fantastic job with the details of their day — she thought of everything! There were so many great and personalized details that I’ll be dedicating a post in the next few days specifically to the details of their wedding day. :)

For now, I’m so excited to share with you the portraits, ceremony and reception photos!

Tara has great style. I have a minor obsession with birdcage veils and lacy wedding dresses. Tara looked absolutely amazing — all day, I kept thinking that she looked like a movie star from a decade gone by. I love these bridal portraits… love, love, love them.



Whoa… seriously… Tara, you are beautiful!


Add in the lucky groom… and we have a cute couple on our hands. :)


The weather was unseasonally nice — in the 60s! — so we took advantage of it and opted for a portrait session in the park! These photos were all taken at Loose Park near the Plaza. They’re all proof that outdoor photos in the winter can still be lovely!


The bride and the bridesmaids all wore “fur” stolls, handmade by Tara’s grandmother! I love the classic, vintage feel that their outfits have. Everything really just fit together so well.






The church was perfect for photography — their ceremony was beautiful and traditional, and I just loved how interactive Tara and Tom were throughout the service. There are so many photos of them whispering and smiling with each other, and I love that! :) They waited to see each other until the ceremony, so I’m sure it was hard to contain their excitement. Here are some of my favorites from the ceremony:







Husband and wife! :) The flower girl and ring bearer were so cute and entertained even on the way back down the aisle!


Tara and Tom’s reception was at the Uptown Theater in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It was a gorgeous venue and really added to the elegant feel of their entire day. It also fit well with the Tara-as-an-old-time-movie-star look. It was just so classy and the details were beautiful (photos of those to come later)!









Congratulations, Tara and Tom! Thank you so much for choosing ericamay photography to capture your special day. It was a joy to be there.


Family and friends, click here to sign the guestbook for the online album! You’ll be automatically notified when all of the photos are available online.


Wedding Traditions: Bride and Groom Portraits! January 28, 2009

 One of my favorite details I’ve seen at weddings is the table filled with wedding photos from parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of the bride and groom. It’s so awesome to honor your family heritage and the people who paved the way before you on such a special occasion. I love looking at the old style portraits, and it’s easy to see common themes from weddings in the ’30s, ’50s, ’70s, etc.

Wedding portraits have long been an important part of preserving family history, and capturing the happy couple on their special day. This hasn’t changed over time. It has, however, evolved into a much more creative process (which makes people like me really, really excited).

I always tell my couples that some of the most important images on their wedding day will be the photos of the two of them together — after all, that’s what every wedding guest will be excited to see and what your family members for generations will look at… and set out on their wedding day picture table! :)

When it comes time to think about your bride and groom portraits, it’s important to really think about where and when we can capture the essence of who you are as a couple! I will always take some more traditional photos of the bride and groom in the church (moms love these), but putting a creative twist on your photos or (even better!) choosing an off-site location for the creative portraits is one way to personalize your big day!

The photos below, which I’ve chosen to include in our “best of 2008″ voting were taken at all different locations, some with extended portrait sessions and some with 10-minute outdoor sessions at a reception site. The point is, we get to customize your photos to your wedding day, your personality and your love for each other! I chose all of these because they’re not posed-fake-smiling-staring-right-at-me types of photos. They’re interactive, and show off the relationship. They were also all done at outdoor locations in between the ceremony and reception — some required more of a trip and pre-planning, and others were very quick sessions that made all the difference in the style and options for bride and groom portraits!


#1 – Serena and Steve. This was taken in front of the old doors at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. The museum was in between their ceremony church and reception venue, so we stopped there for a quick session in between.



#2 – Terah and Chris. This was taken in a gazebo right outside their reception venue, Heritage Hall in Topeka.



#3 – Meryl and Greg. Their creative session was taken on the rooftop of their ceremony and reception site, Club 1000, in downtown Kansas City. This was a very quick session in between the ceremony and reception while the staff flipped the room from one layout to another for the reception!



#4 – Jayme and Tim. This “corn field” was actually a very small patch at their reception location, Mahaffie Farms, in Olathe, Kansas. It totally fit with their personalities, style and theme of their whole day. Thankfully, they were up for climbing into the field for me. :)



#5 – Janae and Travis. We rode a “party bus” with their whole wedding party to Lake Jacomo, near Blue Springs, Missouri, for a portrait session in between the ceremony and reception. It wasn’t on the way to the reception site, but they had time and had planned to hang out in between, so we took advantage of the great photo opportunity!



Do you have a favorite? Want to know more about what we can do during these sessions? Leave a comment (just click on the “Comments” link at the lower right). But first… on to the voting! :)


Wedding Traditions: The First Meeting! January 27, 2009

Okay, okay… I know what you’re thinking — since when is this considered a “tradition”? :) Most people would assume that the opposite — waiting to see each other until the wedding ceremony — is the tradition. And you’re right. But sometimes, new traditions can be so awesome… like weekly breakfast-for-dinner night at the Short house. So maybe we haven’t started this tradition yet, but after the breakfast food Jeff made for dinner tonight, I’m considering it. :)

Anyway, all I’m saying is that when you’re thinking about your wedding day and all of the traditions you want to incorporate, why not consider making amazing photography one of them? A big part of having fantastic photos of your wedding day — real, emotional, natural photos — is allowing yourself the time to be creative and be unstressed so your portraits are natural, relaxed and are a real portrayal of the JOY on your wedding day!

By seeing each other before the ceremony, you’re giving yourself time (and actually, it takes me LESS time to do all of the portraits before the wedding than to spread it out before and after!) and making a point to give you and your soon-to-be spouse some alone time. Think about it… wouldn’t you like a few minutes, by yourselves (and me, somewhere nearby) to just BE there and really soak in the emotions of your big day (and let out some of those nerves)? 

I read recently that the tradition of waiting to see each other as the bride is walking down the aisle has its roots in arranged marriages — where the groom wasn’t allowed to see his bride until the ceremony, because they had no choice but to get married! :) Now, I am definitely not one to tell you that you have to see each other before. I totally respect the choice to wait and to save that “first look” for the wedding ceremony. It’s a choice that you have to make… but while you’re considering, I thought I’d throw in my two cents!

Having a private first meeting makes for some of the BEST images of the type of joy that I’m there to capture on your big day. What’s that? You want to see some examples? :) Okay… I’ve given you three here — you know the drill! These are some of my favorite “first meeting moments” from 2008 weddings, and you get to vote for your favorite set!


#1 – Seth and Jessica. I love Seth’s nervous-yet-cool face, and the pure happiness in Jessica’s expression when they finally saw each other!



#2 – Nicolas and Julie. I love the progression here (there are actually several in the series) — smile, hug, kiss, smile, smile, smile… :)




#3 – Matt and Becky. I just can’t get enough of Becky’s expression in these photos. I love the location of this first meeting (that’s in the lobby of their church), and the princess-like feel of Becky descending the stairs!




Voting time! :)


If you’re one of my awesome 2009 couples and you’re trying to decide if you want your portraits before or after the ceremony, e-mail or call and we’ll talk about your wedding schedule with both options — so you can make the decision that works best with your vision for your special day!


Wedding traditions: the ceremony!

So you might remember the little series I started at the end of 2008, taking a look at wedding customs and giving you the chance to vote on your favorites from my 2008 weddings. In case you missed the first posts, we covered wedding cake and engagement/wedding rings. So it’s been really bothering me that the holidays came and I didn’t finish out the series before the end of the year. And you know what they say… better late than never! :) I am totally someone who hates leavings things “hanging” and I’m not what anyone would (ever) call a procrastinator. So, here we are… we’re going to do a few more posts about wedding traditions and favorites from 2008.

For those of you just starting to plan your 2009 wedding, now is a great chance to get ideas! :) If you have any questions about anything pictured as we wrap up out little look back at the best of 2008, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll send you details in an e-mail or connect you with the bride who planned it!

During this look at wedding ceremonies — which can range in length, style, location, and every detail included — we’re going to focus on my favorite outdoor venues from 2008 ceremonies!

Most often, wedding ceremony traditions are shaped by your religion, country of origin and family history. Some events include the lighting of a unity candle or participating in a similar unity ceremony, a traditional tea ceremony in Japanese wedding tradition, the exchanging of vows and rings, serving communion or participating in mass, and so much more.

The best way to personalize your ceremony? Draw from your family history, traditional customs for your background, and remember — you can be the start of a tradition, too! Definitely talk with your officiant and your family members to incorporate events into your ceremony that really express who you are as a couple and where you’re headed as husband and wife!

Choosing a ceremony venue that is a good fit for the style and traditions included in your wedding is important. If you want a very traditional, formal wedding, you might want to think twice about planning an outdoor ceremony — and if you want a more relaxed, shorter ceremony an outdoor location is a gorgeous spot for a ceremony! Your vision for your wedding ceremony should go hand-in-hand with the traditions and wedding rituals you want to uphold!

Alright… on to the best outdoor locations of 2008! :) I’ve given you two views of each ceremony site, so you can get a feel for different angles and what it was really like to be there. These were all gorgeous weddings with tons of personal touches, so I’m letting you do all of the voting to choose your favorite. :)


First, Emily and Nate’s wedding last August at the Circle S Ranch near Lawrence, Kansas. This location is nestled amongst the hills and plains of this northeastern location in the state, and the ceremony site itself has gorgeous archways made from tree branches and natural limestone comprises the ceremony focal point.




Next, Sheridan and Justin’s May wedding in her grandparents’ pecan grove near Humboldt, Kansas. Yes — this gorgeous property belongs to her grandparents, and Sheridan was the first person to request a wedding here… I love this, because it was so rooted in family tradition and memories, and they created an awesome memory here together!




Third, Brooksie and Kevin’s gorgeous-weather May wedding day at Botanica the Wichita Gardens in Wichita, Kansas. Their ceremony was held on a little hill, with their guests below on a tree-covered patio. The entire area was shady and had some gorgeous late afternoon light filtering through!




And finally, Jessica and Seth’s late June wedding at Nathanael Greene Park in Springfield, Missouri. Their ceremony was in the park’s hasta garden, complete with a stone hill, waterfall, winding paths, a picket fence and gorgeous flower beds throughout.



Now, vote for your favorite! :) Want to say more about why you love these locations? Just click on the “Comments” link at the bottom right of this post!


Kansas Wedding: Kim and Theron January 12, 2009

Kim and Theron were married this past weekend in a neat venue outside of Augusta, Kansas. I didn’t meet Kim and Theron until their wedding day, and it was such a relaxed setting that really allowed their friends and family to interact and be a part of their big day. It’s always fun to be a part of wedding days where the bride and groom really have the time to socialize with their wedding guests, and I’m sure they appreciate it, too!

The ladies arrived at the venue pretty much ready to go, with a quick stop to freshen their make-up and put on their custom-made dresses!


I love this shot, not only from an artistic standpoint (sweet lines!), but also because I snagged this shot of the bride herself sneaking photos of the guests as they arrived. :) Too great!


Kim and Theron braved the cold January weather for outdoor portraits right before sunset. I told you it would be worth it! :) There’s nothing I love more than outdoor portraits of the bride and groom… if I’m your photographer (and even if I’m not!) we have to talk about how to incorporate and outdoor session into your shoot. We spent less than 10 minutes outside and it’s SO worth it!




I love this one, how you can just barely see Kim’s smile peeking out! So cute!


It almost looks warm in this photo, doesn’t it? :) I love silhouettes with veils… the way they catch the light is so cool!


A quiet moment between the bride and groom, post-ceremony:


This wedding reception had so many super cute kids there! I love this one, as the sun was setting through the windows… what a cute miniature shadow! :)


What’s a wedding reception without matchbox cars? :)



These kids sure loved Theron! I believe this might have been a game of tag… :)


The wedding cake!


The venue had lots of neat light, plenty of space, a spiral staircase, a loft (perfect for spying on guests as they arrive!), and the staff was amazing!


The bride and her grandma, sharing a dance:


And one last photo of the happy couple!


Kim and Theron, thanks for choosing me to capture your big day! Wedding guests can click here to see the entire photo gallery when it’s online!


K-State Wedding: Nick and Sarah’s Manhattan Celebration! January 7, 2009

So remember when I promised you more images of Nick and Sarah’s January wedding in Manhattan? Well, here they are… all 40 of them! :) It was hard to narrow it down for these two, who have been such great friends to Jeff and I.

I just want to take a few lines out of this blog post to let you, Nick and Sarah, know how delighted we were to share your special day and witness your marriage! Nick, who would have guessed during our flight to D.C. a few years ago that we’d be celebrating your marriage like we did last weekend? And Sarah, how could we have predicted on that day that I found out that you were a HOBY alum that you’d one day marry my good friend and fellow HOBY enthusiast? :) I love the connections you two share, even before you knew it. I love your story, and the fact that there are many more memories to write in our history book! And while I love each of you separately, I love who you are as a couple even more. Awww… I’m just so happy for you!! :)

Okay, okay… on to the photos, right?!

Some of my favorite moments from any wedding are the preparations/getting ready shots. There’s still some nervous excitement, and brides look simply gorgeous putting on the finishing touches — especially Sarah!





Hee hee…look who it is! :) (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!).


Sarah’s best friend Kelli was her maid of honor — this photo just gets to me. Friendship is so important, and it’s so awesome to share special times with close friends!


Sarah had TWO incredibly fun pairs of shoes for her wedding day. The first, custom Nikes with “I Do” on the back — how cool is that? And the second, some really adorable purple (for K-State, obviously!) flats from Ann Taylor.



Even the super stylish and heartbreakingly cute ring bearer got in on the getting ready fun!


Nick and Sarah chose to see each other before the ceremony for photos with their wedding party and family members. I highly encourage couples to do this, since it gives us extra time for really creative, fun portrait sessions (either before the ceremony or off-site in between the ceremony and reception). It also gives the bride and groom the perfect time to catch a few minutes alone (well, with me!) to calm nerves, see each other without distractions, and really just soak in the moment of a wedding day. Plus, the photos are always so great. Like this shot of Nick, seeing Sarah for the first time… his expression is priceless.




Earlier in the day, before their ceremony, the weather was actually pretty bearable for January 3rd. :) I’m so glad we stole a few moments to head outside of the church for some portraits! You two look AMAZING!






Their ceremony was very traditional, personal, and moving. They incorporated a lot of family members into the ceremony as readers and communion servers, and their priest, Fr. Keith, knew them well. The shot below requires a little explanation. Nick is known for wearing a button on his shirt called the “Fun Meter” — so he can let everyone know just how much fun he’s having in a certain situation. :) Well, those of us who recognize Nick best with his Fun Meter on were disappointed that it wasn’t hidden beneath his jacket or under the lapel of his tux jacket. Apparently, so was Fr. Keith. :) When he mentioned it during his message, there was a chorus of laughter from the audience… including the photographer at the back. ;)






After the ceremony, the temperature had dropped 15 degrees or so and it was spitting an icy-rain mixture. Sarah and Nick, determined for fun K-State themed photos, said “let’s do it!” so we headed to  K-State’s Old Stadium for photos with the wedding party. I’m so glad we did!




The ladies did a great job of looking somewhat warm in the above photo… but what they really wanted to do was bundle up. :)


What a lovely bride! :)


The wedding party on the sidelines… you all look great!


Chris Hsieh of La Brisa Photography came along for the day’s festivities as well! I’m excited to see how this image turned out!


And a quick game of football with the guys… :)


A forgotten flower on the football field:


I love this image. It might be my favorite Nick-and-Sarah together shot.


Nick and Sarah’s wedding reception at the K-State Alumni Center was beautiful. And boy, can this group DANCE! If anyone needs dance lessons for their wedding, Nick’s brother and best man could probably offer some incredible private dance lessons… now, speech writing, on the other hand… well, he leaves that to the last minute. :) Still, it was a hilarious best man toast.



A moment between Sarah and her dad:


The dancing king himself (Rylan, I am so impressed!):


Although the ring bearer gave the best man a run for his money with his dancing skills… :)


I’m not quite sure what went down here, but it obviously embarrassed Sarah. :)


I love this photo (how many times have I said that in this one post? Ha ha!)… but seriously, people laughing and smiling at receptions make for such great photo memories.


And I’ll leave you with one last photo of the newlyweds!


Family and friends, click here to sign the guest book and be automatically notified when all of the photos are available for viewing online!

Nick and Sarah, many happy wishes to you both. I can’t wait to see you again after you’re all settled!


(If you missed the first preview post, check out those photos here!).


Kicking Off 2009: Stephanie and Daniel’s Leawood Wedding January 6, 2009

We didn’t wait long to kick off our 2009 wedding season — on January 2nd, while the confetti and noisemakers were still being swept off Times Square, Stephanie and Daniel were getting ready for their special day! :) It was an awesome way to ring in the new year, celebrating the love and commitment of two people.

If you missed the sneak peek of their portraits, check it out first.

The day started with Stephanie getting ready. I love this shot!


Stephanie’s dad was finally allowed into the room to see his daughter in her wedding dress! Priceless!


Stephanie and Daniel decided to not see each other before their ceremony, so we coordinated two separate portrait sessions before the ceremony. Here’s a shot from Daniel’s:


And two from Stephanie’s:



Their ceremony was held at The Church of the Nativity in Leawood, Kansas. It was still decorated for Christmas and was just beautiful!

Stephanie’s dad giving her away to her new husband!


See what I mean about the gorgeous Christmas decor?




One of my favorite moments to capture is the time right after a wedding ceremony, when friends and family shower the bride and groom with hugs and congratulations! I love this shot of Stephanie right after she became a wife, with her bridesmaids all around!


Since the couple didn’t want to see each other before for photos, and it was dark when their evening wedding was finished, we didn’t get to do an outdoor portrait session. Since the church was so lovely, we did all of their portraits inside, and I love the wintertime feel they have!


I love this one!



The reception was at the Lodge at Ironwoods, a really neat modern barn in a park in Leawood. It was a fantastic venue!


Toasts are some of the best times for capturing great reactions! Stephanie’s sister and maid of honor gave a funny toast with advice for Daniel and things he should know about Stephanie — there was a lot of laughter during this one! :)


Double camera coverage capturing the best man (and groom’s brother) speech!


This shot of their first dance has such a dreamy quality, which I love. It reminds me of an old black-and-white movie.


And this expression on her dad’s face is so proud. I love this one of their father-daughter dance:


The tradition of throwing the garter and bouquet is always approached differently from couple to couple. I’m sure this garter approach took Stephanie by surprise (it’s okay…they’re married!). :)


And the bouquet toss reactions were just too great!


I can’t get enough of dancing grandparents — here are Daniel’s grandparents joining the fun on the dance floor!


Stephanie and Daniel, congratulations on your marriage! Wishing you the best 2009 as husband and wife!

Family and friends, click here to sign the guestbook for the online gallery — you’ll be notified when all of the wedding photos are available for viewing!

So, what do you think? What’s your favorite image from the first wedding of 2009?



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