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THE BLOG HAS MOVED! October 29, 2009

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After launching the new site earlier this week, I’m so excited to tell you that the new BLOG is also now online! :) It will feature bigger photos, easier navigation, and all-around coolness. There are even two brand-new posts waiting for you right now!

If you read this blog with an RSS Reader or my favorite, Google Reader, make sure you subscribe to the new feed!

I’d love to know who’s reading! If you’re feeling sweet, leave me a comment over there to say hi and welcome the new blog to cyberspace.
The new blog is located at a really easy place to remember:

Go check it out. :)  

(FYI: This blog will stay up, and eventually I’m going to import all of these posts to the new blog so your features stay up! For now, get ready for some awesome new stuff on the awesome new site!).


The NEW! October 28, 2009

You have no idea how excited I am to tell you that the BRAND-NEW website is now live!! :) It’s a whole new look, an entirely new logo, and makes me feel all happy inside. All of this has been in the works since earlier this year, as I tried to pinpoint what it is that makes your photography experience a great one. And it all came down to one thing — joy.

True, unadulterated joy. That kind of happiness that wells up in your heart and springs out to everyone around you. :) I know it might sound cheesy, but it’s not. Because I witness joy in your lives every time we meet. I witness the excitement and passion in a wedding day, the silly and fun relationships between family members, the newly experienced love in a home with a new baby. Life is all about these things. Life is meant to be spent sharing joyful moments with the people you love. And since photography is about capturing your life — photography is all about joy!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank some awesome people for their help with this big long process:

Jeff – for putting up with long nights of working on this and for previewing the site a billion times with me. :)

Lindsey with Element Creative Studio – for your awesome work on my new logo. You’re an amazing graphic designer, and you were able to take my muddled thoughts and make them into something beautiful.

Nick – for being my personal IT consultant. :) Thanks for spending time sorting through all of this web lingo with me. 

Showit – for creating an awesome tool that people who don’t know how to write HTML code can use to design a custom website from scratch. Amazing, amazing, amazing. 

Everyone else – for being cool people. :)


I’d love to know what you think about the new site and new look. You can send me an email through the contact page on the site, or just click on Comments below and leave a little love here on the blog. :) Okay, now what are you waiting for? Check it out!


Oh, and did I mention a new BLOG is coming your way? :) It is. I’m just full of surprises today! Stay tuned!


Engagement Photos at Clinton Lake: Sarah and Brett October 27, 2009

I seriously have the best clients. I get to meet the nicest, smartest, cutest people. :) Sarah and Brett are an awesome couple — and I’m so excited that I get to capture their love through photographs. Sarah and Brett wanted to do their engagement session at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas, where they spent a lot of time during their college years. I love shooting at places that mean something to a couple and where they share memories together. It was also the perfect fall location with gorgeous soft fall colors.

I knew that Sarah would want to see a sneak peek right away (she’s been waiting for her debut on the blog!). Here are just a few of my favorites. :)

sarahbrett01 copy

sarahbrett02 copy

I love it when my couples trust me… even if it means climbing into some tall grass where unknown creatures might be lurking. :) I love this one! 

sarahbrett03 copy

sarahbrett04 copy

Seriously, aren’t they super cute together? :)

sarahbrett05 copy

Sarah really loves photos with streaming, glowing light through trees. There was rain all around us, and we got sprinkled on for a while, but the sun popped out for about 30 seconds and I grabbed a few glowing light photos just for this bride-to-be. :)

sarahbrett06 copy

sarahbrett07 copy

I must admit, I’m glad the sky was a little ominous the day of our shoot, because it created really cool colors on the water and the sky looks heavy. I think it has such a romantic feel.

sarahbrett08 copy

sarahbrett10 copy

sarahbrett11 copy

sarahbrett12 copy

I love how comfortable Sarah and Brett are together (and in front of my camera).

sarahbrett09 copy

sarahbrett13 copy

sarahbrett14 copy

We took a few fun photos of Sarah’s engagement ring, too (which is GORGEOUS!).

sarahbrett15 copy

sarahbrett16 copy

I thought this sign and the foliage growing around it were super cool. 

sarahbrett17 copy

sarahbrett18 copy

sarahbrett19 copy

Sarah and Brett, I am so excited that you’ve asked me to capture this time in your relationship. I can’t wait for your wedding next year — it’s going to be awesome! :)


Senior Photos in Kansas City: Emily October 26, 2009

Emily came all the way from Claflin, Kansas, for her senior session! I love getting to meet seniors from all over — or in this case, re-meet! Emily was a student who attended the Kansas HOBY Leadership seminar that Jeff and I volunteer with, and I was so excited when she contacted me to take her senior photos! 

Emily is very involved in her school and has big plans for college. Emily is super sweet, really comfortable in front of the camera, and had some adorable outfits for her shoot! Here are a few of my favorites from our session!

emily01 copy

emily02 copy

We met at Kauffman Memorial Garden for her session (and finished up just before it started raining!).

emily03 copy

emily04 copy

This cute dress is from Kieu’s in Lawrence (and there’s also a location in Manhattan now!).

emily05 copy

emily07 copy

Another super cute dress on this super cute girl. :)

emily08 copy

emily10 copy

emily09 copy

emily11 copy

emily12 copy

Emily is a cheerleader at her school, too.

emily13 copy

emily14 copy

And she’s on the women’s tennis team — she’s been playing since elementary school!

emily15 copy

Emily, I hope you have an awesome senior year! Good luck with the college decisions, and enjoy every minute of your last year of high school! Thanks so much for driving all the way to Kansas City for your senior photos! :)


Kansas City Wedding: Kim and Kyle October 25, 2009

October is such a great time to get married in Kansas City — the trees are gorgeous, the weather is typically pretty mild, and… well, I got married in October so I’m a little partial to the month. :) Kim and Kyle chose a late October wedding because they wanted the trees to be at the peak of the fall season. It was perfect timing.

Kim and Kyle got married at Good Shepherd Catholic Church, with a reception downtown at the Aladdin Hotel. Their day was very relaxed and laid-back, which was perfect for these two and their guests. Here are some of my favorites. First, their rings on a gorgeous fall tree!

kimkyle01 copy

Their ceremony was beautiful, and I really loved photographing in this church, which is a circular design and has some great natural light! Kim’s dad walked her down the aisle:

kimkyle02 copy

Kim and Kyle got to sit down for part of the ceremony. It was fun capturing their glances during the ceremony. :)

kimkyle03 copy

Some more ceremony favorites:

kimkyle04 copy

kimkyle05 copy

kimkyle06 copy

kimkyle07 copy

Husband and wife! Yay!

kimkyle08 copy

After the ceremony, Kim and Kyle scheduled in time for creative portraits downtown before the reception, which was amazing! Here they are with the wedding party:

kimkyle12 copy

I love their reaction here to something their friends said. :) So happy!

kimkyle10 copy

Now get ready for a big set of portraits. :)

kimkyle13 copy

kimkyle14 copy

kimkyle15 copy

These two are so sweet together. I love this one:

kimkyle16 copy

24 is the date they got married. :)

kimkyle17 copy

kimkyle18 copy

The wonderful Kasie helped me shoot this wedding — here is one of the shots she took! I love this wide-angle view!

kimkyle35 copy

More of my faves:

kimkyle19 copy

kimkyle20 copy

kimkyle22 copy

kimkyle21 copy

The next two are Kasie’s shots — I love both of these. 

kimkyle34 copy

kimkyle36 copy

We found this great wall with pretty fall vines. These next shots are mine:

kimkyle23 copy

kimkyle24 copy

Their reception was on the 16th floor of the Aladdin Hotel in downtown Kansas City. It was set up to be a reception where people could visit with each other and relax to the tune of some great live music. :)

kimkyle09 copy

kimkyle26 copy

kimkyle27 copy

kimkyle29 copy

It’s a tradition in Kim’s family for family members to design squares of fabric that are all sewed together in a quilt for the couple. Here’s one of the quilt squares, designed by a grandmother:

kimkyle25 copy

More reception shots:

kimkyle28 copy

kimkyle31 copy

kimkyle30 copy

Kim and Kyle, congratulations on your marriage. I hope you’re having an awesome time in London or France, wherever you might be when you see this. :) Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your wedding day.

Friends and family who want to view all of the wedding photos can click here for the online gallery. Sign in, and you’ll be notified via e-mail when all of the images are available online!


It’s Family Photo Season in Kansas City — Family Portrait Session in the Park! October 23, 2009

Fall is such a great time for family photos. I love the colors of the trees in this area, which help brighten up the dreary weather we’ve been having this fall. :) We somehow missed the sprinkles right before and right after this session, and I was so happy! My portrait sessions for the year are starting to wind down as the weather gets colder and we all start to stay in our cozy homes for the winter. :)

I really love getting to see families multiple times for portrait sessions. The last time I saw little Carson, he was little and definitely not as fast as he is now! It’s amazing how quickly little ones grow up and how quickly they become very quick. I get some great exercise during sessions with kids around this age, for sure, and it’s so much fun. Here are some of my favorites from our session at the park!

sander09 copy

sander01 copy

Carson has the biggest, bluest eyes!

sander02 copy

sander04 copy

His little grin is the cutest!

sander05 copy

sander12 copy

sander08 copy

sander10 copy

sander06 copy

sander07 copy

How cute is this? :)

sander14 copy

sander13 copy

sander15 copy

Thanks so much for asking me to take your family photos again! Have a great fall season!


Kansas City Family Photos: Antioch Park October 20, 2009

Fall is a great time for family portraits. It’s perfect for great colors, beautiful scenery, and just in time for Christmas cards or gifts. :) We have some great parks around Kansas City that provide beautiful backdrops for families who want fall-themed portraits. One of the prettiest right now is Antioch Park, which has about every color of tree all packed in together. It’s really beautiful!

I met up with this beautiful family for an afternoon session at the peak of the fall season — which we all know goes by way too fast here in the midwest. I love the photos we captured of them!

buckley01 copy

buckley02 copy

I like to do “matching” photos of individual kids, which make for great collage-style framed prints on walls, partnered with family photos. I try to think about how my clients might want to use their images as pairings after the shoot. Here’s an example — these two boys are so cute! Here’s George:

buckley03 copy

buckley04 copy

And his big brother, Hank:

buckley06 copy

buckley05 copy

Aren’t their outfits cute? I love the sweaters and matching blue Chucks.

buckley07 copy

Some more family photos!

buckley08 copy

buckley09 copy

This one is too cute. :)

buckley10 copy

buckley11 copy

More individual shots of the boys:

buckley12 copy

buckley13 copy

I love this one of dad playing with his boys! Having two boys would be quite adventurous. :)

buckley14 copy

buckley20 copy

A few more favorites of the entire family:

buckley15 copy

buckley16 copy

I love taking photos of moms and dads together, too. Aren’t these two beautiful together?

buckley17 copy

We also played in the leaves. I love the shot of Hank’s shoes in the leaves.

buckley18 copy

buckley19 copy

Thanks so much for asking me to capture your family photos! :)


Happy 2nd Anniversary to My Love October 14, 2009

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Dear Jeffrey, 

Two years ago today, I thought that I loved you the absolute most that I ever had or would. But I was wrong. See, on our wedding day, I loved you as your bride. And today I still love you as your bride. But now I can love with the love of a wife, who has lived daily life right by your side for the past two years.

I know your quirks and love you more for them. And you certainly know mine… and you’re the most patient, kind, loving man in the whole world because of it.

I love that we have fun together. I love our adventures. I love that you attend more weddings in one year than most guys attend in a lifetime (and like it).

I’m so incredibly blessed to call you my husband. Thank you for being my best friend, and for making me laugh like nobody else ever could.

I love you!



October Wedding: Jamie and Tyson (Manhattan, KS) October 13, 2009

When Jamie first contacted me about being her wedding photographer, she knew that she wanted someone who loved weddings. She wanted her photographer to be excited right along with them throughout the process. I tend to be a very girly girl who loves weddings anyway, but it was impossible to not be super excited for Jamie and Tyson’s big day. Jamie lights up a room — always, but especially in a wedding gown. I knew that Jamie would be absolutely glowing on the day she got to marry Tyson, and I was right.

So I was excited — very excited — when I arrived and felt the energy in the room where Jamie was getting ready. The ladies were all gathered in the library of the church (First Presbyterian Church in Manhattan). Since Jamie is a teacher, I loved that she was surrounded by books while she was getting ready. :) Here’s one of my new favorite shots ever of a bride getting ready:

jamietyson01 copy

Jamie and Tyson decided to see each other before the ceremony, which was amazing. We were able to get so many portraits done beforehand and still have time for them to relax and enjoy their day. Here’s the handsome groom waiting to see his bride:

jamietyson02 copy

And Jamie, coming around the corner to meet her groom!

jamietyson03 copy

And they meet!! :)

jamietyson04 copy

jamietyson13 copy

We went outside, despite the FREEZING weather. Jamie and Tyson were so brave to head out in the 36 degree weather on their wedding day — you just never know what to expect with Kansas weather! I’m so glad they were up for it, though, because I love the shots we captured outside.

jamietyson06 copy

jamietyson05 copy

jamietyson07 copy

jamietyson08 copy

I loved the lacy wedding dress Jamie picked out. She looked stunning.

jamietyson09 copy

jamietyson10 copy

Aren’t these two just so cute??

jamietyson11 copy

jamietyson12 copy

Jeff went with me, and he took this one:

jamietyson34 copy

Since we had some time, we did a few more bridal portraits in the church next to some stained glass windows that Jamie really likes. I LOVE this one of her — it’s so soft and beautiful.

jamietyson14 copy

Jeff doesn’t normally take the bridal portraits with me, but he grabbed a few of Jamie, and I’m thinking he’ll need to start taking more bridal portraits. :) I love these next two — both taken by Jeff.

jamietyson36 copy

jamietyson37 copy

Jeff also took these super cool ring shots:

jamietyson39 copy

jamietyson38 copy

Before the ceremony began, Jamie and the ladies prayed together.

jamietyson15 copy

And then it was time to get married! :) Here are some of my favorite ceremony shots:

jamietyson16 copy

jamietyson18 copy

jamietyson17 copy

Jeff was in the balcony, and he took these:

jamietyson41 copy

jamietyson40 copy

For their send-off from the church, guests threw wheat from Jamie’s family’s farm — how cool is that? I loved that idea, and it looked cool (although I think I had some wheat stuck in my hair for the rest of the night… ha ha). Wheat from the same family farm was also thrown at Jamie’s older sister’s wedding last year. (Thanks to the mother of the bride for giving me the details!).

jamietyson19 copy

jamietyson20 copy

Jeff’s shot:

jamietyson42 copy

In between the ceremony and reception, the wedding party headed to the K-State campus for some photos in front of Anderson Hall (Jamie and Tyson’s last name!).

jamietyson21 copy

It was pretty chilly, so the ladies huddled together. :) They are all so beautiful!

jamietyson22 copy

And a few more of the newlyweds!

jamietyson23 copy

jamietyson24 copy

They had a vintage K-State bus to take them around! Jeff took this one:

jamietyson43 copy

Their reception was so much fun. It was at the Manhattan Country Club (yep, I got to be there twice in one weekend!), and it’s an amazing reception location. I loved shooting there, and they had an awesome staff. Jamie and Tyson entered the reception in a tunnel made by their wedding party!

jamietyson25 copy

Their first dance, which kicked off the reception festivities:

jamietyson26 copy

jamietyson27 copy

Tyson and Jamie during the toasts:

jamietyson28 copy

The DJ had them play a newlywed type of game, where they had to answer questions about “who would be the most likely to…” by holding up one shoe or the other. :) The guests thought it was hilarious (and it was).

jamietyson29 copy

The cake cutting was also exciting. :) And no, they didn’t hold anything back — it was all in good fun, of course.

jamietyson30 copy

Jamie’s lovely sisters:

jamietyson31 copy

And one more during the garter toss:

jamietyson32 copy

Jamie and Tyson, congratulations to you both!! :) It was an absolutely joy to be a part of your big day. I hope your life together is filled with more and more fun times!

Friends and family, click here to sign the online guestbook. You’ll receive an e-mail when all of the photos are online and available to view!