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Week 1: “Free For All” January 2, 2008

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Okay, so the theme for the photography challenge this week is “free for all.” Although I’m pretty certain this meant “do whatever you want,” I chose to use it as a play on words, and take my first real photo of an icon that has been around longer than I have — and that has been in my home for as long as I can remember, a 48-star American flag.

It’s perplexing how easily we take our freedom for granted. Freedom of speech gets turned around all the time and used against people — people can say slanderous or threatening things, and it gets written off as “freedom of speech.” Yet a high school valedictorian can’t say “Jesus” in her graduation speech, because that’s not inclusive enough. Freedom of religion is a privilege and a blessing. Yet people are quick to judge, quick to blame and quick to take up arms against every religion but their own. Freedom is the basis of what our country was founded on, and freedom is…today…still intact.

Freedom. It’s what men and women fight for every day. Freedom. It’s what allows our country to be a diverse, interesting place. Freedom. It’s what we learn from, grow from and what we can’t live without.

Here’s my freedom.


The American flag with Christmas tree reflection. In my family’s home as a forever reminder of our country’s history.


My brother, a 1st Lieutenant in the United States ARMY, and his wife. Celebrating Christmas with us this year…next year, he’ll be overseas.


One Response to “Week 1: “Free For All””

  1. Melinda Says:

    A beautiful picture capturing a beautiful couple.

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