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Week 2: Introduce Yourself January 12, 2008

Filed under: Weekly Photography Challenge — ericamay @ 2:17 pm

This week’s theme is “introduce yourself”…when I started thinking about this, all I kept picturing were silly myspace/facebook profile pictures that people take of themselves in the mirror. Not exactly the result of photographic genius.

So I attempted to describe myself, my favorites, my life, in a few snapshots of some things that describe me (in a pretty trivial kind of way).

It’s a humbling experience — this task of describing yourself. But since this is just an introduction, I figure it doesn’t require a very in-depth look into (almost) 23 years of living. :)

dsc_0035.jpg [my favorite movies]

dsc_0039.jpg [my drink of choice]

dsc_0043.jpg [my favorite accessory, passed down to me]

dsc_0047.jpg [my favorite chap-stick, $22…it’s from France]

dsc_0051.jpg [my favorite emotion]

dsc_0054.jpg [my favorite couple :) ]

dsc_0019.jpg [me]


2 Responses to “Week 2: Introduce Yourself”

  1. Jeff Says:

    You and your chick flicks :)… it’s a good thing I like them too!

    Have I ever told you that I like you?

  2. nic Says:

    “these are a few of my favorite things…” they really do remind me of you. except the chap-stick. not that i don’t believe that one, i just never knew. :)

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