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Week 3: My Hometown January 22, 2008

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My hometown…well, here I’m faced with a decision. My current hometown? Or the town I’ve called home for most of my life? Since I happened to be in the thriving metropolis of El Dorado, Kansas, a few weeks ago, I planned ahead and took a few shots for you all while I was there. The others you see are from my current hometown, the Kansas City metro area. :)

You will surely notice the stark differences between the two…which might explain why I am able to appreciate both the small town lifestyle and the thrills of the city…

First up, El Dorado, Kansas:

dsc_0746.jpg what used to be an old theatre is now the “hot rod cafe” downtown.

dsc_0750.jpg this restaurant does, in fact, claim to be the “best little veal house in kansas.” i’m guessing there aren’t too many to choose from…but still, my memories here revolve around the 4-H fair and eating bean soup once after i had three shots in my mouth from the dentist. not a pretty picture. :)

Kansas City:

dsc_0130.jpg view from the liberty memorial overlook downtown. pictured here is Union Station, the notable Western Auto sign and the downtown KC skyline.

dsc_0127.jpg liberty memorial. that white flash in the sky is actually the moon.

dsc_0138.jpg the public library downtown. i love the how ornate this building is…they just don’t design buildings like this anymore.

dsc_0157.jpg a glimpse of the more modern side of downtown KC. this statue/art is so intriguing to me.


2 Responses to “Week 3: My Hometown”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I am pleased to say that I accompanied the photographer during each of these shots. I’m a lucky man.

  2. nic Says:

    Hey, where is that statue?
    I never knew about it.

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