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Week 6: Botanical February 12, 2008

Filed under: Weekly Photography Challenge — ericamay @ 9:29 pm

The week botanical is the theme just happened to be the week we were headed to cold, snowy Boston, Massachusetts. I decided to take photos of a flower stand inside this big mall…but, fate had better plans in store. :) First of all, Jeff and I took off on an adventurous walk around the North End of Boston, known as the Italian district. Hopefully I can share more photos of that soon. But, as we were trying desperately to find the street with all of the restaurants, we found ourselves in random alleys that were actually housefronts. And alas, flowers appeared as a reminder that even in the winter, we can find floral beauty around us (even if it’s um, fake) and a reminder of where I came from…the sunflower state. :) Funny how home calls you back just when you’re starting to fall in love with a new place…




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