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Meet Pete. March 17, 2008

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The Shorts are proud to announce the addition of Petey James Short, miniature schnauzer, to our family. :) Petey James is the son of Molly May, who belongs to my parents. We brought Petey home when he was exactly 9 weeks old, two days ago. He has been hilarious (and quite a challenge!) over the last few days. He is the perfect balance between being really playful and fun (he loves to hop and bounce after his stuffed toys) and being the best lap dog. As I type this, he’s stretched out half asleep on my lap. He loves to be held and to play, and even though he cries when we put him in his crate, he’s doing really well so far.

We love this little guy. Enjoy these photos, taken during his first few days of being home. The first one was taken right after he drank a bunch of water…you can notice the drops dripping off his beard. :)




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