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Week 11: My Favorite Color March 18, 2008

Filed under: Weekly Photography Challenge — ericamay @ 7:50 pm

This week’s photography challenge is “my favorite color.” Most of you know that my favorite color is green. I had a really hard time deciding what to photograph for this to really encompass what it is about the color green that makes me happy, and which shade of the color to choose as my favorite. Well, I couldn’t choose. So instead, I decided to take photos of random things around my house that are green. This could have been a 50-photo post easily, but don’t worry…I condensed it. :)


Multiple shades of green on one shelf. Here’s a teapot, a picture frame, a neat box of old wooden spoons we found at an antique store off the highway, and a yummy smelling candle.


I think almost every can in our cabinet has a shade of green on the label somewhere. I’d never noticed that before!


Our candy dish holds some shiny green treats. :)


My mom gave me this salsa dish and spoon rest, handmade from a craft show in Marion, Kansas. I use these all the time.


Our living room is painted green (big surprise). It’s actually a much prettier, soothing green than it appears here. :)


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