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Drama, drama, drama… March 25, 2008

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A few weekends ago we were able to travel back to my hometown and watch my younger brother in his debut performance in a high school play. I hadn’t been back in my high school since I graduated 5 years ago, and it was great to see my younger brother as a freshman doing the things I did while I was there. The play was “A Working Girl’s Secret” — and Jacob fittingly played E.Z. Pickens, the joking, wisecracking guy who said all the wrong things at all the right times, especially on front of his love interest and her mother. Here are a few shots, taking without a flash from the second-to-last row in the auditorium.


The play was a melodrama, so here, he’s addressing the audience about how smitten he is with the girl next to him.


I wasn’t the only one with this idea…


Towards the end of the play, Jacob — err, E.Z. — announces some good news that makes the hero of the play a real hero…a patent for pickle manufacturing. Ha ha.


Take a bow. Well done, well done.


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