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Colvin Wedding Revisited April 15, 2008

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First of all, I apologize to my faithful readers for the lack of blog posts recently! After a whirlwind weekend of my best friend’s wedding shower (probably more on that later), and my 6-month wedding anniversary, AND the year anniversary of getting engaged all within 3 days…I’m finally back to blogging.

I couldn’t help but post just a few more photos from the Herbert-Colvin wedding at the wonderful Evergreen Events venue in Paola, Kansas, on March 30th. These are the little details I love to capture on people’s wedding days. Perhaps I give too many options sometimes…but I’d much rather people got to see ALL of the details of their day than only get to see the ones that I like the best. Some of my favorites don’t even make it to the favorites list of brides and grooms…and vice versa. Anyway, here are a sample of some of the photos from Zach and Erin’s wedding. This has got to be one of the most beautiful collection of bridesmaids around! Also, what a classically unposed photograph of the maid of honor during the dollar dance (Becky, who is getting married this July and who I can’t wait to capture as a bride!). Enjoy!

Hint: Click on the photos to make them a little bigger. Then, if you want to see them extra large, click again.


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