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Showering…the bridal version, that is! April 15, 2008

Filed under: Erica's Personal Life — ericamay @ 8:38 pm

Sunday was the bridal shower of my very best friend. As the “matron” of honor, I got to plan this fun event with the other bridesmaids for my BFF. We have been best friends, if you can believe this, since FIRST GRADE. That’s 17 years. Wow! It’s an honor to be her best friend and I am so glad to share in this awesome life adventure. More exciting news: after the wedding, Kasie and Aleks will be moving into the apartment right behind Jeff and me. Like, our windows will look into each other’s…how awesome is that?! Wait until we’re like 40, and we’re going to write a book about surviving life with your best friend. :)

I’m in these photos, so I obviously didn’t take them. These were taken by my mom after the shower. :)


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