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Kansas City Power & Light District April 18, 2008

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Jeff, my husband, is really into urban development. He follows message boards and news that pertain to the exciting things happening all around the metro area. One of the coolest additions and revitalizations that has occurred since we moved here is the Power & Light District. We were there a few weekends ago on a Friday night, and enjoyed seeing the restaurants and entertainment venues that have already opened up. Naturally, we took a few photos.

If you live in Kansas City or might be visiting, definitely plan something in the P&L — the district is right by the brand-new Sprint Center downtown. Check it out.

The H&R Block building near the Power & Light District. This was taken a few weekends before tax day, around 7:30 p.m. at night — notice ALL the lights still on in the building — people working late!

A collection of people watching the KU game on the big screen in the covered pavilion at the middle of the P&L District — before KU claimed the National Championship title.

My talented husband actually took this photo, but I liked it so much I had to add it to this blog post. Here’s the sign inside Lucky Strike bowling alley. I think we got made fun of for taking photos here, but it was worth it. :)


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