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New site design, new look, new photo! April 18, 2008

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I am working on a new design for my website right now (well, I’m not doing the designing — I mean, I’m adding content to the new site design I’ve picked out). With my new site will come some greater flexibility with providing information for my clients and showcasing more photos in an easier-to-navigate format with thumbnails and multiple albums. I love the simplicity of my current site, and I think I’m maintaining that with a neat design that I picked from bludomain, a web design company that caters to photographers or other creative professionals. I’m excited to get it up and running in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for that!

Anyway, to go along with a new section “about me,” we took a few minutes during our park trip the other night to snap a few headshot photos. Jeff did an awesome job, despite the wind, our playful puppy and my self-criticizing eye…but I’ve picked out my favorite, which I will probably use on the site. See what you think. I think I might have to watch out for my husband — he might be my competition before we know it! :)


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