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Event: American Idol Finale Party May 21, 2008

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Tonight was the American Idol finale, and we went to the Kansas City Power and Light district for the official Fox watch party as Kansas City’s own David Cook was in the final two. As you all know if you follow the show, David Cook is now named the 2008 American Idol — and it was so much fun to be there as his hometown went crazy. Here are a few (a lot) of photos from tonight’s event.

We were standing near a restaurant with an outside patio with a direct view of the screen — and Jeff just walked over and asked if we could sit there. The lady explained that we’d have to order entrees, and Jeff said sure, so we went in and sat at the table. Then we realized that everyone else in the restaurant and on the patio were at LEAST wearing nice golf-type of clothes…mostly in business suits. Ha ha. We were wearing super relaxed clothes…so, two $30 entrees later (whoops!)…we were back amongst the crowd of fellow shorts-and-t-shirt-wearers. :)

The food, however, was delicious:

And we had a chance to witness a whole group of business men wearing their David Cook t-shirts underneath their suit jackets. Priceless:

The crowd was eagerly anticipating the results…

Even in the sea of David Cook fans, there had to be a little Archuleta to even it out — here’s the other David on the big screen:

…And on this confiscated sign in the hands of a restaurant bouncer — notice the crossed out “Cook”:

Finally, the results got closer and closer…and the fans got more excited. When they announced David Cook as the winner, deafening cheers broke loose, and these photos ensued:

Overall, it was a great night and awesome to see how Kansas City supports their hometown heroes. :)


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