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Wedding: Brooksie and Kevin June 4, 2008

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Last week, Brooksie and Kevin tied the knot in a gorgeous venue — Botanica the Wichita Gardens. Their day was beautiful, just like this couple, who first started dating during high school. The pastor told a funny anecdote about their high school love, when Brooksie called it off because Kevin didn’t visit her after she had her wisdom teeth out. :) Needless to say, they rekindled their love after the swelling subsided (okay, maybe I added that part in…), and now they are man and wife!

They couldn’t have asked for a better day, filled with really neat touches — my favorite being the cute bistro tables that their guests sat at during the ceremony while Brooksie and Kevin said their I do’s up on the hill. It was beautiful!

Their first meeting:

The bridesmaids dresses were adorable — you should click on this photo to enlarge if you’re interested. They are so cute and kind of a throwback to the 1950s (which I love).

It was a little bit windy that day, but Brooksie had some fun with it. I love this shot, and I think it really captures the bride’s fun-loving personality:

This song, “Lara’s Theme” or “Somewhere My Love” is my grandma’s favorite song. I couldn’t help but take this shot of the sheet music…and it’s probably one of my favorites! I love the cellist’s hand moving in the background.

I have a slight obsession with ribbon at weddings, and Brooksie and Kevin had so many details with ribbons (including all of the cakes topped with colored ribbons). Here’s the ribbon accent on their program basket:

They served iced tea and limeade for their guests to sip on during their ceremony. It was such a cute touch!

I loved their desserts-only reception. Not only did they have five kinds of cake (all beautifully decorated), but they had a whole spread of sweet treats!

Their shared their first dance just after sundown, in that blue light that lingers at dusk in the early summertime. It was lovely:

Congratulations, Brooksie and Kevin! Wishing you the happiest life together!

Friends and family, don’t forget to pre-register for their entire online album by clicking here.


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