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Headed to HOBY. June 10, 2008

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Tonight Jeff and I leave for the youth leadership camp that we volunteer with, HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership). Jeff and I met when we both attended this camp as high school sophomores and have been volunteering with it every year since. This year, Jeff is the Leadership Seminar Chair and I am the Director of Programs…quite a big bundle of tasks to take on in the first 8 months of our marriage!

This program is an awesome one for high school sophomores that encourages leadership and volunteerism, as well as discusses topics like education, the media, entrepreneurship, career paths, world poverty, and so on. Check out the national website by clicking here.

Here are a few old school photos for your enjoyment.  After HOBY (next week), I promise I have a whole BUNCH of posting to do…including more from Sheridan and Justin’s wedding, some from my best friend’s wedding (where I was NOT the photographer), and probably some from HOBY!

(There’s Jeff on the left, and me right next to him…this is from 2005, before we were dating!). The SWISS ARMY t-shirts represented our volunteer team, Operations…aptly named Swiss Army (after the knife) — because, well, we did a little bit of everything. :)

Here’s Jeff and I the first HOBY seminar that we were officially a dating couple (2006…check out that long blonde hair!).

Here we are last year…engaged! :)

If you e-mail me and I am slow to reply, please know that I’ll get to my e-mails again on Monday!


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