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Engagement: Nick and Sarah June 27, 2008

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Nick and Sarah are one of those couples that make you wonder how they didn’t know each other and start dating sooner! I have worked with Nick for the last seven years on the volunteer leadership team for Kansas Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY). We have spent a lot of quality time planning the summer seminars, and had one fun time flying to Washington, D.C., together for the World Leadership Congress and thoroughly enjoying the in-flight XM satellite radio. :)

I met Sarah just a few months after that trip, when I began my first year as a Resident Assistant at K-State and she worked at the front desk. We soon realized that she had gone through the HOBY program in high school, and when Sarah became an RA the next year in Moore Hall — where Nick was also an RA — the two obviously hit it off. :) Sarah is now a HOBY volunteer with us, so we all have this crazy leadership-related connection. Confusing enough?

So their love story really begins as RAs in Moore Hall on the K-State campus…which is, naturally, where we began their engagement photos.

First, with a ring shot with their K-State Housing and Dining Services on-duty badges. Next, a shot in front of the hall’s mailboxes (hint: click on the photos to get the big versions!):

Then we headed around campus for the rest of the session:

And, finally, back for a visit with their then brand-new puppy, Bella, the Shih-Tzu! Check out how tiny she is!

Thanks so much, Nick and Sarah, for letting me capturing this awesome stage in your relationship! I can’t wait for the January ’09 wedding! Family and friends, click here to register for the online album with ALL of the photos (including some sweet shots of little Bella!).


2 Responses to “Engagement: Nick and Sarah”

  1. Michael Chavez Says:

    This is awesome!! Sarah and Nick look so happy together! The pictures are gorgeous!

  2. eric w Says:

    beautiful shots erica! i love the one of nick and sarah back to back. wonderful job!

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