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Engagement: Kristen and Dane June 30, 2008

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Kristen is another HOBY volunteer and friend of mine and fellow K-State graduate. I was really looking forward to meeting Dane, and getting to know them a little bit better before they make a move to Ohio later in July! How cool is this — Kristen is going to be the Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics team at The Ohio State University! Pretty neat, huh?

We met for their photos on K-State’s campus, but since Dane is an avid Jayhawk (gasp!) fan, they wanted photos that didn’t “bleed purple,” as K-State fans are known to say. So, we trekked around campus looking for some great backgrounds that didn’t bring images of Willie the Wildcat to mind. I think we were successful!

Thanks, Kristen and Dane, for asking me to do your photos before you head off to Ohio! Have a great move, and enjoy this new life stage! To see all of their photos, click here for the online gallery.


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