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Things to do. July 2, 2008

So often, our lists of things to to are miles long and contain nothing but tasks that we HAVE to complete by a certain deadline. Why not make it a little more fun?

I’ve decided to join the ranks of the “101 in 1001” challengers and create a list of things to complete (101 items, to be exact) in the next 1001 days. The project is being participated in by people all over the world, whose goals are very different from mine. That’s what makes this fun — it’s a chance to draw out a road map for the next 1001 days (approximately 2.75 years) of things to accomplish, see, experience, and cross off the list.

I’m really excited about this. I will be updating my progress on the blog (most of the items are photography-related OR have the potential for some great photos for proof that I accomplished an item!). If you’d like to check out my entire list, click on the link in the upper right of this blog page — the one that says “101 in 1001: My List of Things to Do.”

Happy reading…and get started on YOUR list! See my list here.


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