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ericamay + Facebook = :) July 3, 2008

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As crazy as it is, the surge of social networking sites has probably been one of the most notable contributing factors to the success of my business. With a grassroots advertising effort like mine (almost entirely word-of-mouth), the part sites like Facebook have played in the growth of my business have been astronomical.

I checked my Google Analytics today, and since I launched my new website at the end of May, almost 37% of the visits have come as a direct referral from Facebook. That could mean people came to my site from the ericamay photography page (if you’re not yet a fan, click on the icon above!), my personal profile, or links in albums or on friends’ pages. However they come, it’s exciting to see what a neat marketing tool Facebook can be, when you find the right niche. The neat part is — almost 50% of those people were brand-new visitors who had never been to before!

Anyway, that’s my ode to Facebook. And Google Analytics — both are making my job that much more amazing.

On a more photo-related note…come back soon for TWO weddings, an engagement session, and certainly some patriotic-themed fun!


2 Responses to “ericamay + Facebook = :)”

  1. theronn Says:


    I’ve been trying to promote my business networking site on Facebook but didn’t really get a lot of referrals. I’m curious to know what you have been doing to get traffic from Facebook. We’re you actively promoting your site in groups? Do you have a huge friends list? Please explain further.


  2. ericamay Says:

    My photography business made sense to promote on facebook, because people already share photos on their profiles. I have a business page on facebook, where I upload recent work. I am “facebook friends” with most of my clients, so I can “tag” them in the photos — this promotes my page on each of their profiles AND lets their friends know who took their photos and where they can see more (on my website and/or blog).

    Basically, I have my business promoted on my personal profile and on my business page. Some friends include it on theirs (voluntarily) and usually my clients will link their online album on their profile, so I get exposure that way. Some businesses work really well with the facebook format, while others might not have the various avenues of promotion. I hope that makes sense!

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