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#86: Go to a concert – Cool Hand Luke July 9, 2008

Jeff and I went to a concert (yes, in the middle of the week! Rebels, we are…) to see a band we like: Cool Hand Luke (not the 1967 movie, but the band). The concert was in a neat venue in downtown Kansas City. The Main Street Cafe was a super laid back venue with couches, chairs and a hodge-podge of fabric and wall coverings everywhere. I’d love to do a senior photo session in there sometime. Check it out:

I definitely recommend listening to Cool Hand Luke’s new album or at least the few songs on their MySpace page. Now, I have to be honest here — I’m a fan of the less heavy stuff, but this band has a great mix of more rock style and awesome piano music that it’s a good fit for the Jeff-and-Erica-in-the-car music experience. :) It’s refreshing to know that not all musicians are just out there to be musicians — I love their creative and honest lyrics, and how they shared their faith in the middle of the set. I was impressed with how open they were to just hanging out and talking with people.

I didn’t waste any time getting started on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. In case you didn’t know…going to a concert was #86. The entire list can be viewed by the link in the upper right.

“I want to live in such a way
That when I’m gone my friends would say,
That if my life was turned to film
I’d be standing on a mountain shouting victory in the end.
But in my heart I know it’s only true
If I’m supporting actor and the Oscar goes to You.

If my life was cinematic
With a soundtrack so dramatic
You’d be the hero and You would save me
And it would have the sweetest ending.”

Cool Hand Luke, Cinematic


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