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Wedding: Becky and Matt July 29, 2008

I am so excited to share Becky and Matt’s wedding day story with you. This day was so much fun to capture — I can only describe the mood of the day as purely joyful. I couldn’t get over how smiley and cute Becky was all day long. These two K-Staters definitely know what it means to be in love.

When I arrived that day, Becky was just beginning to get her make-up done by one of her matrons of honor, Erin (you might recognize Erin from her March 2008 wedding!). The girls were all having a lot of fun getting ready together…the second photo below was taken when Becky realized that she, in fact, had lip liner on her eyes. Oops! :) Just another opportunity for Becky to prove that absolutely nothing could get her down on her wedding day!

I love this shot of Becky and her wedding dress — the two pairs of hands are her matron of honor and her mom — I love how both of their wedding rings are showing, too!

Meanwhile, the guys were enjoying some laid back time in the really awesome lobby/lounge/super great photographic wonder in the church.

Indian Creek Community Church has an entire wall of hand prints for all of the members who attend. Jeff captured this great shot of Becky’s family’s prints — here are Becky and her brother Scott’s prints:

The church offered such a variety of locations, backgrounds and beautiful natural light for the portrait sessions. It was such a fun way to tie in the location and the memories Becky has at this church with their wedding day.

Good grief, how cute is she?!

The ceremony was set up with a scene — glowing stars, a park bench, a glowing street lamp in honor of the family members who could not share their day, trees — it was super cute, and very unique.

Becky and her dad were so adorable all day. It was a day when you could tell that her dad was sad to be letting go of his daughter, but so proud of her and the new life she is beginning. There were so many great shots of the two of them throughout the day, but here’s one from their dance together:

Thanks so much, Becky and Matt, for allowing us to capture your most special day. Family and friends, pre-register for the entire online album on Pictage by clicking here.


2 Responses to “Wedding: Becky and Matt”

  1. Kelly Lynch Says:

    Becky and Matt,

    The pictures were great. It only makes me sadder that we missed the big event. The dresses, flowers and of course the bride and groom were beautiful.

    Love you both good luck with the future together.

    Kelly, Daryl and the girls

  2. Heather Dawn Says:

    Look at all those BEAUTIFUL colors in her bouquet! Amazing!!!

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