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Pops July 30, 2008

Pops: Route 66 — Food, Fuel, Fizz!

We were driving through Oklahoma City when we saw a billboard that caught our eyes — advertising Pops! It’s an attraction on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma, that combines a gas station, convenience store, restaurant and soda emporium all in one! Things like this are right up our alley, so we drove a little out of our way to get there, and it was definitely worth it!

There were rows and rows of different, unique flavors and colors of sodas. They lined all of the walls, which were all made of windows and made for some really spectacular light.

There were also refrigerator cases full of sodas to purchase…over 500 varieties! We went home with about 20 different types of soda (most of them root beer or cream soda varieties). The weirdest one that I probably won’t be trying again is the blueberry soda — which sounds good, but doesn’t taste quite like you’d imagine.

The food was also delicious, affordable and fun. The restaurant had soda fountain flavors and Jeff and I enjoyed ours a lot. I can still taste the delicious strawberry Pepsi! Mmm! The menu was just what you’d imagine — comfort foods, like cheeseburgers and chicken strips, and my favorite, crinkle-cut French fries! Yum!

If you’re headed on a trip through Oklahoma City, definitely go just a few miles out of your way to Pops on Route 66. It is definitely worth it…and for a little fun, feel free to share in the comments section your favorite soda flavor!


2 Responses to “Pops”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I’m not going to lie to you… I think that root beer would have to be my favorite soda. I like how there are so many different brands and flavors. PLUS there is nothing better than a chilled, frosty mug of root beer :)

  2. Michael Chavez Says:

    That is soo weird that you went there because a friend of mine has told me that I really have to check that out since I am a “popaholic”. It sounded like it was awesome! I really like the individual pictures of you and Jeff; Those fries look sooo good right now! :)

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