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#95: Purchase an original piece of artwork August 8, 2008

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I am a big fan of original art. As a photographic artist myself, I enjoy seeing other people’s perspectives on the world through their artwork. When we visited the First Friday artwalk event at the Crossroads district, we decided to see if we could scout out an original piece for our home at Archival Designs. We found about 15 that we liked, although only a few made sense for our budget and our one bedroom apartment right now. :) These photos were quick snapshots on our dining room table in (lovely…) yellow light. It’s amazing in person. We had to fend off another couple to purchase this lovely piece from Archival Designs, a really awesome ceramics studio in the Crossroads.

Everything this husband and wife team creates is hand made and individually glazed. They can make custom artwork for your specific needs, or you can purchase some of their beautiful pieces they have on display. I just love how their pieces are functional (sinks, tiles, bowls, dinner sets, etc.) AND amazing pieces of artwork. It’s a really great way to incorporate art into your daily routine!

If you’re building or remodeling a home, Archival Designs has gorgeous decorative ceramic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms — plus really incredible artistic ceramic sinks (which I am obsessed with)! They are seriously fantastic. When we have a house, I’m definitely headed back for more.

They’re located between 20th and 21st on Baltimore, just across the road from the Leedy Voulkus Art Center.

So, I’m checking #95 off my 101 in 1001 list! Hooray!


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