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Astoria: Home of The Goonies, Lewis and Clark and the Coast Guard :) August 28, 2008


I’ve always wanted to visit a coastal fishing village. I’ve also always dreamed about living in a 3-story Victorian beauty on a mountainside. In Astoria, Oregon, it seems like everyone already has that dream fulfilled.

Astoria is perhaps most famous for being the hometown of the house from The Goonies. It’s also apparently the location of lots of scary movies…which I, obviously, have never seen.

Aside from its cinematic fame, Astoria offered breathtaking views in every direction from atop a peak in the middle of the city, where the Astoria Column sits, commemorating Lewis and Clark’s voyage west. It’s a really cool artistic monument, with their entire story portrayed in images. Plus, the view of the Columbia River dividing Oregon and Washington is pretty great!

Look how small we are compared to the monument!

The Coast Guard also docks some of their working ships here…pretty cool!

So, we didn’t go hunting for the Goonies house, but we found more treasures along the way!


One Response to “Astoria: Home of The Goonies, Lewis and Clark and the Coast Guard :)”

  1. nwlimited Says:

    Nice photos!
    Have you seen our shipwreck chart?
    There’s a secret Goonies Easter Egg hidden in it. :)

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