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Getting my feet wet: Oregon, part 2 August 28, 2008

Staring out across the vast oceanic expanse, watching the waves roll in…couples strolling, adventurers skim-boarding, kids building sandcastles nearby. Had I found it? Maybe this really was a little piece of heaven on earth.

And then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than breathing in this fresh ocean air, I turned around, greeted by another vast expanse of mountaintops, looming in the distance. Highlighted by low-hanging clouds, the mountains looked as majestic as the ocean to the west.

Ahhhh, the Oregon coastline.

I am still in awe of the natural wonder and beauty of that part of the country. I love the relaxed, easy-going feel of the coastal towns — my favorite, Cannon Beach, was this quieter, quaint town filled with art galleries, bakeries and eateries of every sort. The most entertaining, Seaside, provided a fun carnival-like atmosphere and was filled with families and candy shops galore (for anyone who knows me well, you’ll understand why this is an exciting fact for me!). This is by far my favorite coastline.

Jeff found all sorts of interesting things to amuse himself and scare me with… :)

We saw so many dogs playing on the beach and swimming in the ocean…we’re not sure if Petey would be up for the challenge, but we wished he was there with us for sure.

This trip help me complete several tasks on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. The most awesome thing about creating a list like that is it encourages you to do everything you’ve been wanting to do. It’s not so much about just checking items off a list to meet a goal, but it’s about experiencing life in a way that encourages new opportunities, adventures and making the most out of every day. It’s been SO fun to take on.

First, the completion of task #71: Get my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean. I had (surprisingly) never seen the Pacific Ocean until this trip. I was so excited to see a new expanse of ocean, and even MORE excited when I realized that it far outshined any other coastal locations I’ve visited so far in my life. Jeff and I had such a fun time playing in the ocean, which was actually pretty chilly — but refreshing.

I also got to take a few portraits of my dad and Suzanne, which turned out great. This helps me get one step closer to completing number 2 on the list!

And, finally, I fulfilled number 6: Watch a sunrise. What can be better than watching the sun peek out from behind tree-lined mountains while you’re strolling along on the beach? We went out in an attempt to collect sand dollars before the seagulls crack them open.

So the Oregon coastline holds a piece of my heart. I think I’m still dreaming about it.

(more to come still…stay tuned for Washington lighthouses!)


4 Responses to “Getting my feet wet: Oregon, part 2”

  1. Brett Says:

    Awesome pictures Erica. Now where’s the other 650 pictures?

  2. Lindsey Filby Says:

    Amazing photos, Erica! You have an awesome ability to capture things not only with your lens, but also your words. I’m jealous…of your talent and your adventure! :)

  3. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    This is one place I haven’t been! I think I’m overdue…

  4. kasie Says:

    these are gorgeous erica.
    remember that gosh darn trip our mom’s always said they’d send us on in high school…let’s hit them up! ;)
    (and of course i guess we could stuff the boys…and petey in our carry ons).
    i miss you across this great expanse of a parking lot.

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