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Lighthouses of Washington August 28, 2008

Nothing brings up feelings of the coast like images of a lighthouse. They are so picturesque, jutting up from an already gorgeous coastline to provide a nightlight. It’s as if they’re telling ships at sea that it’s okay to be afraid of the dark — the lighthouse keeper will provide the light. :)

Once we were in Washington state, we visited the North Head lighthouse, which was once run by three families of light keepers, who had to share duties because the work was so grueling. The lighthouse provided light at the entrance to the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific Ocean.

Along the trail to the lighthouse, we saw this…completely unplanned…”taste the rainbow,” anyone? :) This proved even more to me that Oregon is a little bit of heaven on earth. ;)

The details at North Head lighthouse were really cool:

Cape Disappointment provided the next lighthouse — it was quite a trek uphill, downhill, and through the woods to get there, but it was worth it! I can’t imagine what lighthouse keepers did so long ago, before walking trails were all created…I guess they created them for us. Thanks, lighthouse keepers! :)

Way down below the Cape Disappointment lighthouse is Dead Man’s Cove. Piles and piles of driftwood were washed up on the shore, flanked on both sides by straight rocky cliffs. The water had this gorgeous blue-to-green gradient. It was incredible to stand down and feel so small, looking up at the ridge where we had stood just minutes before.

Look how tiny my dad looks next to the rocks and trees!

If you ever get to visit this area of the country, visit these lighthouses. The lighthouses are cool themselves, but the views and surrounding beauty are simply incredible.


3 Responses to “Lighthouses of Washington”

  1. Sonya Says:

    Amazing!!! And now I’m planning a trip to the northwest :)

  2. Heather Says:

    That skittle is AMAZING!!!

  3. pixxiesuncle Says:

    great pics – we recently did the same trip – thanks:

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