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#8: Visiting Granny September 1, 2008

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A few miles from Mansfield, Missouri, is the place the Shorts have called home for decades. Within a small stretch of gravel road sits the now empty home of Jeff Coday (my Jeff’s namesake, Granny’s father), the site of an old one-room schoolhouse (where my father-in-law Jim went to school), and the past and current home of Granny (Jeff’s grandma). Over the years, life has changed so much in this homestead area, yet stayed somehow the same — in a comforting kind of way, that when you pull up, you know you’ve found your way home.

Jeff and I don’t get to visit our extended family members very often, so when we were going to be near Mansfield for our camping trip, we knew we had to stop in and visit Granny and Aunt Lecia (only one of the sweetest ladies alive!).

The house is such a great farmhouse, and if those walls could talk…wow.

Granny was born in 1916. I can only imagine the things she has seen in her lifetime — we can learn so, so much from those wiser than we are. I’d encourage you all to take time to learn, hear stories and experience life through the perspective of someone special in your family!

Jeff just loves his Aunt Lecia…who is seriously one of the most thoughtful ladies I have ever met. She cooked us quite a feast when we came to visit (Lecia, if you’re reading this, can I get that lasagna recipe?! Yummm!!).

Thanks for the great lunch and fun visit. We love you.

(#8 refers to my list of 101 in 1001!)


One Response to “#8: Visiting Granny”

  1. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    I love this picture of Jeff’s Auntie! It reminds me of Grandma Purkeypile!

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