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Roughing It in the Great Outdoors September 2, 2008

Camping: nature’s way of promoting the motel industry.  ~Dave Barry, Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need

Hee hee hee…


My Top 10 Camping Favorites List:

10. Not doing my hair and loving it 

9. The crackling noises of a campfire

8. People-watching while floating down a river (entertainment at its finest!)

7. Feeling chilly at night, so the sleeping bag actually feels warm and cozy

6. Hot dogs with lots of ketchup

5. Crawdads and minnows

4. Campsites with real restrooms and showers

3. The chirps of crickets and secadas in stereo surround-sound

2. S’mores…yum!

1. The star-studded sky


Camping over Labor Day weekend was really a great time with friends, the great outdoors and a few special guests, the Sun Chip-Loving Crawdad and the Scary-Camouflaged-Campsite-Buddy, Baby Copperhead! Yikes!

We had two rafts for nine people down the Current River near Eminence, Missouri. I don’t have any photos to show for it — I wasn’t really into risking my camera’s life for a few shots. :)

We armed our campsite with citronella candles, mosquito coils, bug spray and campfire to keep away the pesky bugs…I think I only came home with one mosquito bite! A record!

We also visited Alley Springs, a natural spring that boasts a daily average flow of 81 million gallons of water! The water was so clear and so blue…unlike anything I’ve ever seen in Missouri.

The group (minus me): Jeff, Andrew, Dennis,  Jennifer, Brett, Adam, Suzannah and Steven!

Jeff and Jennifer peering through the windows of an old school house near the springs…I don’t think Jeff knew Jennifer was there… :)

The group (with me, minus Brett):

Thanks for a fun weekend…let’s do it again next year! :)

I’m checking off #72 in my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days!


2 Responses to “Roughing It in the Great Outdoors”

  1. klsumpter Says:

    How beautiful is Alley Springs! We just may have to take a visit there someday. It is just gorgeous!

  2. Karen Hathaway Says:

    How fun! I know Jennifer! She and Suzannah were good friends with one of my college roommates. Small world…

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