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Not a cookie-cutter friendship September 3, 2008

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Yesterday, my friend Heather made my day. Seriously made my day.

There was a package waiting for me when I got home last night, postmarked from Florida. “Florida?” I thought. I didn’t order anything recently online, nor could I remember any Florida shipping locations in the recent past…so I opened it, and saw a glorious silver dog bone-shaped cookie cutter at the top of the package. And that’s when it hit me… my equally-enthused online shopping friend Heather had included “Dog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutters” in a recent blog list of things she had ordered online.

She included it with a handmade note on “e” stationery (very cool!) in my favorite colors (green and green!). And, if that isn’t awesome enough, Heather MADE a personalized dog treat recipe box! Seriously?! With Petey’s name on the recipe box! She is amazing! Check this out:

AND she included three awesome dog treat recipes, designed incredibly on recipe cards (she’s a graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire!). Ribbons and all…I was so thrilled!

Heather, you are AWESOME! Simply incredible! Thanks for motivating me to complete number 52 on my 101 in 1001 list!

Want to order cool stuff from Heather? Need something ridiculously awesome and personalized? Looking for some fun gift ideas? Check out Heather’s Etsy site, Scraptaculous. She has more of these dog treat recipe boxes, notepads, notecards, and some fun holiday items — really cool! Send her a message if you have something specific in mind…I’m sure she’d be glad to create a masterpiece for you!

THANK YOU, Heather!!


One Response to “Not a cookie-cutter friendship”

  1. Mary Marantz Says:

    WOWZA!!! That is AMAZING!! *I* want to be friends with Heather now!! Hmmm maybe I should get one like that made for Cooper!!


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