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Yearbook Yourself September 5, 2008

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“what’s up, erica? it was fun getting to know you in band this year. have a great summer, stay cool!”

Sound familiar?

That’s probably what 75% of all messages in my high school yearbooks say (substitute any club or class for the band line). Those other 25% are from people with inside jokes, my BFFs, or teachers. Yes, teachers. I was a nerd.

I recently discovered the newest and best phenomenon and the World Wide Web (ha). Have you seen it? It might bring back some great flashbacks for those of you who reveled in high school pride in the decades of old…

I could be so entertained by this for hours on end, trying various combinations of people, years, hairstyles, etc. This is genuis…much like the holiday-time crazy of

So, I took the liberty of transforming some of my favorite people (who I knew wouldn’t get upset about having their faces attached to these wonderful time capsules of fun) into their past yearbook alter egos. I knew my all-time BFF Kasie would find this humorous…after all, we didn’t look too different than this when we’d “make-over” ourselves to record our “TV commercials” on her parents’ video camera. And, naturally, our husbands got added into the fun.

Check it out, and leave a comment with your favorite!

1966 Erica:

1990 Erica:

1992 Kasie:

1994 Kasie:

1980 Jeff:

1958 Jeff:

1990 Aleks:

1974 Aleks:

Wow…my pretend life is awesome! :)

Want to create one yourself? Just head over to and get started! It takes no time at all…and send me your favorites! :)


4 Responses to “Yearbook Yourself”

  1. Chris Says:

    the 1992 version of Kasie is my absolute favorite! ha!

  2. Mandy Hank Says:

    Oh you are so brave to do this- The ’92 and ’94 are priceless I think my hair did look like that then- eekkk!

  3. kasie Says:

    yeah. my husband is a hottie.
    tell me something i don’t already know.

  4. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    1958 Jeff is a hottie too! btw…the 1990 you looks a lot like me not to mention your mom! Now that’s scary!

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