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iPhone Obsession September 9, 2008

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I caved. Gave in. Joined the fun. Followed suit.

I purchased an iPhone.

Granted, I didn’t do it kicking and screaming by any means…nor did I have any reason to object.

It’s the best thing I’ve purchased all year.

I am so excited about how accessible this has made me to schedule appointments, communicate with clients, update my blog (cue the cheering!) and stay connected while I am away from my computer. Now, when you call to set up a consultation or reschedule your photo shoot due to rain, I’ll have my handy calendar right there! I am seriously more excited about the awesome calendar interface than anyone else on the planet. I’ve had the phone for several weeks now, and I am already hooked. This wonderful little piece of technology is helping me cross off #32: improve my calendar/schedule-making methods.

I also love having access to my e-mail, blog, website, etc. — what a handy marketing tool, right there in my purse! The iPod, photo storage, applications, e-mail, calendar and notes-taking capabilities are all pretty amazing. This is seriously one of the most innovative, well thought-out, intuitive, smart and beautiful pieces of technology I’ve seen.

iLove it. :)


3 Responses to “iPhone Obsession”

  1. eric Says:

    Ha ha ha!

    That’s great! I’m gonna be honest….i’m a little envious!

  2. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    I’m not just envious, I’m jealous! I’ve been asking Uncle Larry for one for almost a year! Yeah for you!

  3. Now if I can get Sara to follow suit…I don’t know how many presentations I’ve given to Sara about the significance of an iPhone! I want one. I’m jealous! I sent Sara this particular blog entry so she can see how awesome it is! :)

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