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Engagement: Kelli and Tim September 14, 2008

The cheering fans. The packed stands. The peppy cheerleaders and enthusiastic mascot. The time ticking away on the scoreboard. The band playing the fight song. The squeak of shoe soles on the freshly polished floor.

The spark of two die-hard KU fans in love.

Kelli and Tim met at a KU basketball game several years ago. Since then, their relationship has grown and their love has deepened in a way that can beat all odds…but who’s keeping score? :) 

I met these two sports fanatics this afternoon for their engagement session, and I could tell right away how much they had in common, besides their love of all things related to KU athletics.

I always love it when we can personalize an engagement session to showcase personalities and the history in a relationship. I’ve never had a sports-themed one before, so this was a lot of fun (setting my K-State loyalties aside, of course!).

We also took some time at the park to capture some non-KU themed photos, and they did such a great job! Check out how great they look together (and Kelli’s super cute pink shoes)!

Kelli and Tim, thanks for choosing ericamay photography to capture your engagement photos! Have a great time planning your wedding and starting this new chapter together.


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