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Wedding Preview: Nic and Julie September 22, 2008

My good friends Nic and Julie got married this past weekend. It was absolutely lovely — the kind of day you’d expect when two amazing people make a lifelong commitment to each other. 

Here’s a very small sneak peek into the day. There will be many more photos coming your way from these two…they’re just too fun not to share! :) Enjoy this little teaser of the moving, emotional photos to come!

I’ll explain more about these awesome details from their Wichita wedding in the next post! Nic and Julie, congratulations! :)

Family and friends, don’t forget to pre-register for the entire online album! Click here to sign in and receive a notification when the rest of the photos are online!


One Response to “Wedding Preview: Nic and Julie”

  1. Dawn (Mom) Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…can’t wait to see more photos!

    Mom (Dawn) :)

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