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Wedding: Nic and Julie, Take Two September 24, 2008

As promised, here are more (a LOT more!) photos from Nic and Julie’s big day. I always love photographing weddings of people who I know (either previously, or who I get the chance to know through wedding planning with them!). It makes the day so special and everything runs so smoothly, because we are all able to collaborate beforehand.

We started out the day at Edgez salon in Wichita, where all of the ladies got fantastic up-dos. They were all so classic and beautiful — I was seriously impressed with what the Edgez team created!

Then it was back to Central Christian Church, where the girls did make-up and finished getting ready in the parlor room. I could’ve shared tons of great photos of the beautiful ladies getting ready! They were all so lovely…here’s Julie’s sister helping with the finishing touches:

I love Julie’s shoes, and the details in the parlor room:

Julie’s dress was stunning, with great classic details — an Anjolique:

Nic and Julie decided to see each other before the ceremony for photos, which I love and recommend. It not only gives the bride and groom time to themselves (with me in the background, of course), but it also allows us the creativity to do some fun and creative portraits. They decided to do theirs at a neighborhood park in Eastborough. It worked perfectly.

This shot is a classic Nic expression…here, he’s waiting for his bride! 

Through all of their portraits, they were just so cute and smiley! That’s how you can spot a couple in love… :)

Julie was just breathtaking in her dress — I love her long veil, and how it really added to her classic beauty.

The ceremony was one of the most beautiful I’ve been to. The personal touches were so great, everything from Nic’s sisters’ beautiful rendition of The Love of God to these awesomely designed wedding programs — illustrated by Nic. This was one of my favorite details of the day, because it really captured their personalities.

During the processional, the readers cited Scripture over Canon in D. I had never seen this touch before, but it was beautiful and moving and captured the essence of Nic and Julie’s bond through their faith. I thankfully held in my tears until I got to the back of the church. :)

Jeff’s perspective during the ceremony:

I love this shot Jeff grabbed from his view behind one of the videographers — check out the screen!

Such joy!

My view of the grand exit…

…and Jeff’s view:

The reception was held at the Olive Tree, and it was just really well-done. With fun details like a coffee/espresso bar, a chocolate fountain, a buffet, dance and a photo booth (so cool!), it was very personalized.

These two have parents who couldn’t be more proud of them. They were all beaming the whole day — I love that, when you know that two people have awesome role models! Nic and his mom:

Julie and her dad:

Julie’s dad gave a great toast to the newlyweds, and a really heartfelt speech about how proud he is of his daughter. It was so special…I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the room. :)

The little ring bearer (Nic’s nephew) was so worn out! Jeff caught him snoozing…what a cutie!

Nic and Julie, thank you for letting us capture your special day. It was such a joyful day!

Family and friends, I could have shared so many more photos on here of the happiness and love you all showed throughout the wedding day. If you haven’t yet pre-registered for their online album, click here to sign in.


6 Responses to “Wedding: Nic and Julie, Take Two”

  1. Rebecca Witte Says:


  2. ericamay Says:

    Thanks, Rebecca! :)

  3. Jeff (hubby) Says:

    These look SO great, Erica! You never fail to catch the most perfect and emotional shots!

  4. Sonni (Nic's sister) Says:

    Erica, these pictures are fabulous. You and your husband do a phenomenal job of capturing all the moments you want to remember for a lifetime. :)

    I especially like the one of yawning Ben at the end. Made me laugh out loud even though no one’s around. And Nic is going to love the one of the corvette pulling away. No doubt it will be framed and hung in their home ;)

  5. Mandy Hank Says:

    Erica- I love your detail shots, especially the ring shot with the drawing. So sweet!!

  6. Erica and Jeff–Wow, once again, I am amazed at how you both captured Julie and Nic at their best! What a wonderful display of a beautiful day that marks the beginning of an adventure in the lives of two very special people…

    Looking forward to seeing all the photos!

    Dawn :)

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