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Wedding: Serena and Steve September 30, 2008

“True love waits. And true love waits on,” the pastor said during the ceremony. He talked about how awesome it was that Serena and Steve believed in God’s plan for their lives — and how these two came to know each other, and then cross paths yet again six years later. Serena, an Air Force pilot; Steve, an Air Force navigator. True love waits, he said.

He also said that by serving each other, two people can find joy in being givers, always focused on each other. When a husband is focused on the needs of his wife, and a wife the needs of her husband, the cycle of giving and loving continues. True love waits on, he said.

It was such a privilege to photograph Serena and Steve’s special day. These two are so completely in love, and it was awesome to witness the love shared between people who have waited for their one true love.

These bridal portraits of Serena were taken outside the historic church near the Plaza in Kansas City. Central Methodist Church is a very traditional, beautiful church with some amazing photographic backgrounds. Serena’s natural beauty and model-esque features looked awesome everywhere…but especially against the backdrops of this historic church.

Steve and Serena had some of the most supportive wedding party members I’ve seen so far — those bridesmaids were seriously professionals. It’s because of them Serena’s dress is absolutely perfectly placed in all of these photos!

Steve and Serena waited to see each other until she was walking down the aisle. It helped make their ceremony photos extra special — I’m pretty sure they were beaming the entire time! Here are just a few from the ceremony:

The absolutely amazing vocalist, Nathan Granner with the American Tenors. Oh my. No words can express his voice. I had chills during his performance of The Lord’s Prayer.

For their exit from the church, guests threw lavender. One of my favorite scents, this was really pretty, unique and smelled amazing! It’s a great idea for something different.

I adore this shot of Serena waving at her mom — so joyous and excited!

In between the wedding and reception, we had some time for creative couples’ portraits with Serena and Steve. I love when couples are up for stopping somewhere in between for portraits, so we can spend time focusing on the two of them. The sessions don’t take very long, but result in images like these, taken at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I love this location!

After the photos, we headed to the reception at the Clubhouse on Baltimore. I wish I had some more reception photos to show you, but I’ve just started on those, and I couldn’t wait any longer to get these up! :)

Serena’s dad is probably the most proud father of the bride I’ve ever photographed. A great photographer himself, Christopher was just beaming all day long — here’s a few for you! First up, his “Father of the Bride” hat…and second, the awesome father-daughter dance. According to Christopher, they didn’t practice once together, but they sure fooled me! It was awesome!

Serena and Steve, thank you so much for letting me share your special day! May you be blessed in the years to come!

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17 Responses to “Wedding: Serena and Steve”

  1. acfotography Says:

    Good job. Great pictures ;)

    Keep it up!

  2. ericamay Says:

    Thanks for the comment! It sure makes my job easy with two beautiful people in love! :)

  3. Pat Romero Says:

    Wow! These photographs are incredible. You captured the moments beautifully. I cannot wait to see the rest. Thank you for your expertise and great attitude throughout the event.

  4. Wonderful work under intense conditions. That father of the bride can be overbearing when it comes to photos. The happy couple looked very happy in these! Looking forward to seeing more. You tell a great story in both image and words with these. Thanks for your excellent hard work and immense patience.

  5. Kristin Tharp Says:

    These are amazing! So clear! And, if the father of the bride is fine with these … what really can I say?! :) Great job! I can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. Sherie Eklof (KLTE) Says:

    Wow, Erica! What a terrific job you did. Bott Radio Network is blessed to have you on the team!!

  7. Dan Says:

    Wow! That’s all I can say…Wow! Great family. Super pics.
    Joy in the eyes of the newly Wedded and all those there. Wow!
    Wedding Rings on the stone column = Million Dollar idea.
    Joy on the Bride and Groom’s faces =$10 million shot.
    C. Murphy Father of the Bride pic…PRICELESS.

  8. Helen Ransom Says:

    I love these pictures!
    Christopher – congrats to you and your growing family!
    Erica – your photography makes me wish I was getting re-married to Nick so you could do our pictures!

  9. Mrs. PARISH :) Says:

    GREAT JOB Ericka! As a recent bride I can honestly express how important it is to the couple to have a GREAT EYE behind the camera. Mix it with a Sweet Spirit, such as yours, and the pictures are sure to be EXCELLENT!

  10. Jeff Thomas Says:

    I can not think of when I have seen a more beautiful moment captured so powerfully simple! I have known Serena since she was a little girl and I am happy to see how beautiful of a woman she has become and that Steve has made so happy. I am sorry I couldn’t attend but I send all our love and the best from Jeff, Alicia & Trent. I know that Chris & Reba are very proud of their daughter and new son-in-law. All my love to the cute little girl who grew into a lovely woman.

  11. ericamay Says:

    Thank you all so much for your kind words, both about the photography and the happy couple. It’s certainly a joy to photograph wonderful families like this — I could have shared hundreds of photos of these two and their families, and they all would have been this joyful and special, filled with emotion!

  12. Byron Says:

    Congratulations Christopher!! You & your wife must be extremely proud of your daughter continuing the Murphy tradition of love, faithfulness, and trust in our great God. All of what you guys have invested over the years will now be unpacked each day as your daughter & son-in-law journery together as husband & wife into the future. I know that you are full of joy & thanks!!! The photography definitely captured the moment. From one photographer to another- Great Job!!!

  13. Tom Talbert Says:

    Those are wonderful photos. Congratulations to the whole family! Regards, Tom Talbert

  14. Annie Fowler Says:

    Dear, dear Murphys–
    We truly shared in the overflowing joy of your daughter Serena and new son-in-law Steve as we witnessed their covenant vows and later celebrated with them at the Clubhouse. Our joy was full as we observed their acknowledgement of God’s hand in bringing them together and knowing that they belong to Christ.
    And, Erica demonstrated such skilled photographic sensitivity and intuitive responsiveness to know which shots to take! We look forward to seeing the whole collection! Annie & Eben

  15. Ann & Greg Ulibarri Says:

    Erica you are very skilled! Fantastic photos! Thank you for capturing Steven & Serena’s love so beautifully. Unfortunately we weren’t able to attend, living in Germany and work got in the way of being there. We’ve been anxiously waiting to see the photos. These were way beyond our expectations, can’t wait to see the rest. Serena, welcome to the family, it’s clear by the photos how my nephew loves you so. Thank you for putting that smile on his face. Steven, it’s wonderful to see you so happy and in love! We miss you and can’t wait to see you both one of these days. Aunt Annie & Uncle Greg

  16. Ceci Briones-Moran Says:

    These phenomenal photos captured the love, joy and ambience of their wedding. Great artisitic eye! I can’t wait to see the rest.

  17. Frank Briones-Trevino Says:

    I am so glad that I had the opportunity to view these beautiful photos of my nephew and Serena. It looks like they had a very joyful wedding day. My favorite images are of the couple posing together looking like they are so in love and in the background is some of the beautiful architecture of Kansas City. Great photos.

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