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Wedding Preview: Jayme and Tim October 13, 2008


Can I just start out by saying how much I loved Jayme and Tim’s wedding? :)

The day was gorgeous, the people were beautiful, the details were personal and fantastic.

I’m going to share a lot more about their big day very soon…but for now, I just wanted to share a little preview of some of my favorite images from the day.

There are a few similar photos where Jayme is actually in her wedding dress — but I just loved this version in her jeans and cute blue-checked shirt (that matched her wedding theme!). So, here’s this version:

They have some really cool ceremony shots, too. I love when the bride and groom don’t have their back to the audience the whole time…especially if the photographer has to stay in the back! 

And…the highlight of my 2008 wedding season: wedding portraits in ROWS OF CORN! :D You guys totally made my year by agreeing to do this…and the photos? Well, I think it was worth it!

More fun photos and all of the official details about their day are coming soon! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, family and friends — head over to the album site to sign in and receive an e-mail when all of the photos are posted!


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