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The votes have been cast! October 31, 2008

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I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the announcement of our Christmas Capture Contest winner! Well, the voting was tough. The entries were all compelling — so compelling, in fact, that I couldn’t even choose the winner myself. Since quite a few of the entries came from people I know personally or have worked with in the past, I wanted to have completely objective voting. So I took out all of the identifying information from the entries and sent the finalists on to about 20 of my friends, family members and clients. They voted on their top choices, and let me tell you — it was close. So close that we’ve decided to offer a second-place prize as well!

(Drumroll please…)


The top-voted entry of our 2008 Christmas Capture Contest is the family of Dean Purkeypile, submitted by Melinda. Here’s what she wrote about this family:

I would like to nominate Dean Purkeypile’s family for the Christmas Contest.  Dean is fighting for his life with Leukemia.  As Christmas approaches, memories surface of past Christmases and family.  I remember the profound joy of spending time with family that included Dean. As my cousin, Dean made up the Purkeypile family which enveloped all with a kind word and laughter.  As a Christian man, Dean lives his life in faith. In life, loving is a gift we can give to each other. During this Christmas time, I believe a gift I can give back to my cousin is the gift of love…a portrait of his wife and family, especially his little grandson, Max.

The runner-up portrait package goes to the Hathaway family, submitted by Carolyn. Here’s what Carolyn had to say:

I would like to nominate the Hathaways.  My family has known this family for a few years, they are an Army family and we lived at the same post in California and now they are also at Ft. Leavenworth.  Eric (the husband) has been deployed and will be returning in November.  Kristin (the wife) has been at home with 3 children. They are an amazing family, but there has been a lot of transition for them!  They moved to Ft. Leavenworth summer 2006, and then he deployed not too long after that.  And now they’ll be moving again within 2 months of his return.  They are a very generous family, and have supported me over the past year.  And I’d love to see them get this picture chance!  They’ve been apart for so long, and everyone has changed, but getting some beautiful pictures taken (it really warms my heart to think of Kristin & Eric getting pictures of just the two of them as well), would be a great “bringing the family back to together” time.


I’d like to thank everyone who submitted entries for the contest! For our winning submissions, please send an e-mail to me[at]ericamay[dot]com for more information on how to help them set up their sessions!

To my fantastic contest voting committee — you’re so appreciated! Thanks for participating in this project to give families lasting reminders and precious memories. Thank you for your time!


In the spirit of family togetherness, here’s a shot of our puppy Petey before we knew he was ours! He was so tiny! :) I don’t have kids yet, but I can’t even imagine how much I’m going to love their little faces someday… I loved this puppy from the very first time I saw him. :)


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