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Kansas City Wedding Coordinator: Sharon Turner November 4, 2008


Last week, I had the honor of taking headshots for an up-and-coming wedding coordinator, Sharon Turner. Sharon serves Kansas City area brides and grooms with a variety of wedding coordination skills — with packages that range from minimal involvement to planning every detail of the big event, Sharon’s services are designed to fit with any type of wedding and work with a variety of budgets.


Sharon and her husband moved to Kansas in 2003, leaving their home in Long Island, New York. She said they were told they were crazy by New Yorkers and Kansans alike, but they immediately fell in love with their home.

The biggest challenge, she said, was getting used to the lingo. Lollipops were “suckers,” soda was “pop,” a bag was a “sack,” and pie was apple or pumpkin…not the pepperoni (pizza) kind she was used to. :) And rush hour traffic? It was just that — one hour.

What she loves about Kansas was that even with all of the changes, there were still some constants. And couples who were not expecting to use a wedding coordinator soon realized they wanted someone to make sure all of their plans came together. Enter: Sharon Turner. :)


She has been helping couples with a variety of backgrounds make their wedding day perfect since 2004. Whether you want someone to assist in all of the detailed planning from the day you get engaged, or you just need a coordinator to help during the last few weeks of “crunch time,” Sharon offers customized plans.

With a touch of New York flair, Sharon helps create moments so you can look back and say, “Yeah, my wedding day was the best day of my life.” :)

If you’ve even remotely considered having a wedding coordinator help out with the details and checklists and errand-running, click here for Sharon’s contact information. Her list of services is just too long to list…just e-mail her for the details!



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