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Engagement: Amy and Roy, KC Crossroads District November 9, 2008


Amy and Roy met through their church youth group in high school. Then, Roy’s family moved across the country to Maryland, leaving the two friends miles and miles apart. They remained friends, kept in touch, and eventually fell in love… and now, they’re back in the same state at least, and planning a wedding!

I love stories like this (maybe because I had a long-distance friendship/relationship that turned into marriage!), and I love couples like Amy and Roy who are so excited about their engagement and wedding photography. They came with outfit ideas, knew that they wanted something urban and artsy and fun, and also trusted me to pick that location. That led us right to the Crossroads District of Kansas City, home to lots of art galleries, studios, coffee shops and cool abandoned buildings. :)




I love the colors Amy and Roy chose for their outfits. It created a modern type of twist on traditional fall colors, and it was perfect for our downtown location! Plus, they look amazing…




The weather was so cold — in the 30s — but Amy and Roy did such a good job looking stylish and keeping warm. Cold weather? Nothing a little hugging can’t fix! :) And thanks for lending me your gloves, Amy! :) You are too sweet.



I LOVE when we capture images like this — two people madly in love, having fun together… that’s what makes life so happy.




Amy and Roy were willing to be a little silly and try some crazy things during our shoot. I love to hear people say things like, “How about I’ll jump on Roy’s back?” :) There’s a whole series of fun photos like this, which are going to be so fun for them to have!




Amy and Roy, thanks for braving the cold with me and being just so much fun to work with. I can’t wait for your big day in May! :)

Friends and family, click here to sign the guestbook of the online album and receive an e-mail when all of the photos are available!

I’ll leave you with one of my (many) favorites — congratulations, you two!



8 Responses to “Engagement: Amy and Roy, KC Crossroads District”

  1. Amanda Graham Says:

    What a beautiful couple captured by such a talented photographer! I’m so excited! :)

  2. Beth Says:

    So good Erica! Urban is wooooonderful!

  3. teresaa williams Says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Great job Amy on the colors! Amy you are gorgeous, Roy you are so handsome. Excellent photography. So excited!!!
    love you both Mom

  4. Erika Jean Says:

    wow! what great photos! Cute couple.

    Thanks so much for the camera buying suggestions!

  5. Vivian Smith Says:

    Love the couple and love your pictures im so excited for you both what a good job. Looking forward to the wedding. Love you both sooo much mom-maw and pop-paw miss you two. xoxoxxoxoxoxoxxooxoxo.

  6. Erica – Great, great photos! I was Amy’s youth pastor and absolutely LOVE this girl!! You definitely captured them perfectly and your composition and creative shots are wonderful.

  7. Julia Williams Says:

    Great pictures! I love you two so much and can’t wait to see you!

  8. I love the urban setting and great colors!

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