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Petey still lives with his parents. November 13, 2008

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Dear blog readers, I have a confession.

I am one of those doggie moms.

The cute fall sweaters, graphic tees, parkas and coordinating collars were just too much to handle. Today, I broke down and bought Petey a t-shirt. Okay, and a sweater.

Now, before you judge, let me explain. Schnauzers have some crazy hair. Petey especially has some crazy hair — a mixture of coarse, wiry hair and really fine soft hair. Anyway, it was out of control and he had all of these little matted spots. So, off to the groomers he went. And out he came — still a schnauzer in the face, but more like a shaved little squirrel-dog everywhere else. 

Naturally, the best way to help my little guy preserve his doggie dignity was to buy him some super hip canine clothes. :)


Petey, thanks for being such a good sport. :)



5 Responses to “Petey still lives with his parents.”

  1. kasie Says:

    now i’ve got to see the sweater. :)

  2. klsumpter Says:

    hehe…i cave in and buy my weiner dog some things every now and then too….it’s so hard not to with all the cute stuff there is out there.

  3. lynnkaichao Says:

    haha awesome! i bet he doesnt even know whats on him =P

  4. Jeff Says:

    Of course he does. He picked the shirt himself. We taught him to read at a very young age.

  5. […] images (did you miss the previous post about it?), and it just really “speaks” to me. Petey (our dog, for those of you just joining us!) also loves the very comfy shag rug we opted for on the […]

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