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Wedding traditions: the rings! November 18, 2008

This post kicks off our little series on wedding traditions, ideas for how you can personalize each one to your wedding, and a look back at some of the best of 2008! :)


When I got engaged, it took every ounce of willpower I had to not run around waving my hand in strangers’ faces, exclaiming loudly to the world that I was engaged, and getting manicures every other day so my hands looked just perfect to show off the engagement ring given to me by my new fiancee. Is anyone with me?? :)

Engagement and wedding rings are used as a symbol of love and commitment — every wedding ceremony has a portion devoted to the giving and exchanging of rings, and each officiant has a varying, but similar, message to share about the significance and symbolism in the rings.

So how did this get started? Wedding rings date back to the 11th century. According to many countries’ traditions, rings are worn on the “ring finger” because the vein in that finger on the left hand runs directly to the heart (from Roman beliefs). However, brides in countries like Denmark and Austria wear their rings on the right hand. The custom for women to have an engagement ring and a wedding ring began with Pope Innocent III, who instituted a waiting period between engagement and marriage, and required by law that another ring was used during the wedding ceremony.

Rings can be as unique or as traditional as you want them. With custom jewelers and designers, many with services that let you create exactly what you want, the possibilities are endless. There are several things to consider when picking out a diamond (which you can read about here), and that’s just one part of the ring! The metal options, setting style, band width and thickness all play a role in the final design of the ring.


Ideas for how to personalize your ring:

1. Wear a family heirloom. The diamond in my engagement ring belonged to my husband’s mother. It’s so special to wear something on my hand that connects me to a family heritage. Friends of mine have also worn grandfather’s rings for the groom’s ring, or had the metal from a family-owned piece melted into a wedding band.

2. Choose a unique style of engagement ring, or make the look creative with one of the many options for wedding bands.

3. Have your two wedding bands molded from the same piece of gold (seriously, so neat!).

4. Engrave personal inscriptions inside the rings — these could be a surprise for your spouse on the wedding day!


Okay, drumroll, please… on to the voting of your favorite ring shots from 2008! :) There are five options here, and the voting poll is at the bottom of the post!


Beth’s engagement ring, from Riddle’s Jewelry in Manhattan, Kansas. Beth knew she wanted something unique, with more than just traditional white diamonds.



Stephanie’s ring, from Jeweler’s Bench in Kingwood, Texas. Daniel’s parents went with him to pick it out, and he designed it himself!



Ashley’s engagement ring, from Joslin’s Jewelry in Overland Park, Kansas. Garrett’s grandma has been buying all of her jewelry there since she got married!



Nic and Julie’s wedding rings — her rings are from Helzberg, his is from Hannoush Jewelers. Julie chose to have her two rings saudered together after the wedding.



Kelli’s ring from Shane Company. Although she had browsed for ideas online, she had no idea that Tim had even bought a ring until he proposed!


We had a little sports-themed engagement year it looks like. :) I love when we can incorporate some other element into a ring shot to showcase the personality of the couple! Okay, time to vote for your favorite… click on your choice below!


6 Responses to “Wedding traditions: the rings!”

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  2. Idressonline Says:

    Awesome to see every photos and traditional wedding. Great to know many details about traditional wedding. Thanks a lot. Keep continue!

  3. Nice shot very beatuful pictures you have done really good job thanks for shearing this info

  4. Awesome photography! You made the real; beauty of the jewellery quite prominent

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