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Creative thank-you card idea: Cardiology Cards November 25, 2008


Quite some time ago, I received the cutest thank-you card from Emily and Nate after their wedding. I like to hold on to things like hand-written notes anyway, but I’ve been keeping this one in prominent places so I’d remember to check out the company that designed them. Finally, in the midst of packing for our move to our new house (coming soon!), I sat down to check it out.

I was greeted with a delightful array of wedding-related thank-you card packages from the creative minds at Cardiology Cards. I am a huge fan of letterpress designs anyway, so to find a whole SET of thank-you notes for “wedding experts” was awesome. You can find packages that cover any and every wedding professional on your list — from the photographer and caterer to the jeweler and officiant. They’re all clever, creative and a really unique way to say “thanks.”

There are also super fun sets for bridesmaid appreciation or to send out asking ladies to BE your bridesmaids (if you’re a bride, that is). And, if you’re past the bride stage and on to the baby stage…there are also sets for moms-to-be! For those of us who are in the in-between, there are some everyday cards to choose from as well.


If only they’d come up with a set of cards for photographers (a.k.a. me) to tell their (my) clients how awesomely amazing they are! :) I can never come up with the right words to express how great being a photographer is, and how special it is to share memories with brides and grooms, families, seniors, and new little ones. :) I love it.

Emily and Nate, thanks for the sweet card, for being so great, and for giving me something to share/blog about. :)


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