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Wedding traditions: the cake (yum!) November 28, 2008

Okay… the next installment of our look at wedding traditions — the cake! :) Are you excited? Because I am! I have to admit that I don’t usually get to TRY the wedding cake at all of the weddings I attend, but I always appreciate the works of art. :)

The history behind the cake-cutting tradition is somewhat scattered, and you’ll find various reasons for it. Wedding cakes started out in fruit-cake style. I’d like to see how well this would go over with a room full of guests…ha ha, anyone up for it? :) Today’s more common choice, the multi-tiered wedding cake, apparently originated in English royalty weddings. I also found out that it was first designed to resemble the bell tower of St. Bride’s Church in London. I love that idea!

For the less wealthy, 17th century brides had a “bride’s pie” filled with sweet breads and mincemeat (yum?). It’s rumored that these pies also contained a ring inside — and the woman who found the ring would be the next to wed, similar to the bouquet toss tradition of today. Wedding cakes really began to get elaborate — and continue to do so — from about the 1930’s on.

Some weddings opt for a “groom’s cake” as well. Today, we use this as a chance for the groom to choose exactly what he wants (like the SpongeBob Squarepants cake Tim chose!) or another opportunity for variety in the selection, but it started out as a very interesting tradition. :) Apparently, if a woman took a piece of the groom’s cake home and put it under her pillow the night of a wedding, she would dream about the man she would marry. Pretty funny… :)


Anyway, enough with the history lesson! So how can you personalize your wedding cake? Some ideas:

  • Use your wedding colors as accents on the cake (ribbons, fresh flowers, fondant additions).
  • Choose a tiered cake with multiple flavors — perfect to please a big crowd and if you just can’t decide.
  • Think miniature. Cupcakes, mini versions of your favorite desserts, etc. Here’s the best Kansas City cupcake vendor.
  • Choose a fun cake topper! These can range from traditional figures to monogrammed initials to anything wild and crazy. Search online for ideas. If you can’t find one you just love, opt for a flower arrangement to match your bouquet.
  • Stay within your budget — there are some amazing Kansas City cake designers who can create an absolute masterpiece for you. If cake is one of your priorities, go for a creative professional. If it’s not, check out the selection of wedding cakes at the local grocer.


Okay, on to the vote! The voting poll is below the photos — choose the number corresponding with your favorite wedding cake!

Greg & Meryl’s cake by Rebekah Foster Cake Artist (specializes in sugar flowers…how fun!):



Travis & Janae’s, from Blue Springs, MO:



Matt & Becky’s groom’s cake, which was made by Heidi Rollins, the sister of Becky’s maid of honor:



Seth & Jessica’s cake, a collaboration of a family friend (who baked it), her daughter, Jennifer Bentch of Pastry Bentch, who decorated it, and their florist, who arranged the orchids! Nobody ever said the cake was an easy detail! :)



Happy voting! :)


3 Responses to “Wedding traditions: the cake (yum!)”

  1. Sarah Jeanne Says:

    ok, now i’m going to take a piece of groom’s cake tomorrow and put it underneath my pillow and see if it works! :) i’ll get back to u and let u know how it works;)

  2. Sarma Says:

    What a fun idea!
    By the way, I love your logo, colors and entire feel of your website!

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