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Family portraits on Thanksgiving December 2, 2008


I love Thanksgiving. I love the food. The people. The smells. The sounds. Mostly the food. Okay, and the people. :)

I didn’t get any photos of the food (sorry, Beth!), but I did get some great shots of my family…if only I were IN one of them. Ahh, the life of a photographer…

My cousin’s son Mason is too cute and one of the most smiling kiddos I’ve ever seen. He’s only a year and half old, and he’s got this posing thing down to an art.  :)


My sister-in-law also got a little mini modeling session. Since my brother is deployed in Iraq right now, I thought some cute photos of his girl would cheer him up… and in a package he’ll be getting soon, he can look at these — and more! — every day (but that’s all I’m going to say, just in case my older brother actually reads my blog…Justin? Are you out there?). :)


Yeah, I told you she was cute. Now check out these EYES!


Pair that pretty lady with a fuzzy (and crazy) puppy, and we’ve got a cuteness overload on our hands. :)



My grandma even posed for a few shots…oh, Wanda Lou!


And one with my mom, too:


My 15-year-old brother…I love the braces stage!


Yes, ladies, in case you couldn’t already tell by the first photo, here his shirt states the clear, honest, factual truth: he is a CATCH. :)


My sweet and bearded husband also made an appearance! What a handsome guy!


And, one more of Bruce (Petey’s brother/cousin) for the road!


Happy Thanksgiving (late)!


2 Responses to “Family portraits on Thanksgiving”

  1. Beth Says:

    Happy Belated Turkey Day! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Justin Martens Says:

    Hi sis, yep I’m here! It’s sad, but I check your blog a few times a week, and just now figured out that commenting was even an option. My wife is beautiful, and my family isn’t too shabby either. I’m jealous of Jeff’s beard.

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