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Cans for Comments December 8, 2008

I love reading your comments on my blog. Everything from questions to compliments…it warms my heart to know that you’re reading, and that I’m sharing things worth reading. :)

I can’t say where this actually started or who came up with this genius idea, but several of my photographer friends (like Justin and Mary and Rebecca Peters) are participating in a fun little giving-themed game — cans for comments. We’ve already established that I love comments. But you know what I love more? Helping out. Giving back. And the joy in giving that the holidays seem to ignite in each of us.

So, here’s the deal: between right now and Sunday at midnight, I’ll be donating one canned good to my local food bank for every single comment left on my blog. Never commented on here before? Now is your chance to make it count! :) A regular commenter? Keep it up!

The comments don’t have to be left on this post. So go visit past posts you haven’t viewed before, or wait for some fun new house-related posts I’ll surely be blogging later this week. Share something about yourself. Send me a funny quote. Compliment my beautiful clients. :)

Let’s do this together — I can’t do this without you (and your witty, thoughtful comments!). Merry Christmas. :)


45 Responses to “Cans for Comments”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Yay! The first — I love that this is spreading like wildfire!

  2. Mandy Hank Says:

    You Rock Erica! Love the idea :)

  3. Erica – I’m not sure if you know who I am, but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I LOVE looking at the pictures you post. I even recommended you to a guy I work with (he’s getting married in June) and he was sad to discover you were already booked!

    To connect the dots for how I know who you are…I lead a Bible Study that Carolyn Wenzel was in way back in 2004 and I’m Tyler VanSlyke’s cousin.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. kasie Says:

    green beans. :)

  5. Jeff (hubby) Says:

    hominy. by the way, i love you :).

  6. betti Says:

    Where her at?????

  7. kasie Says:

    it may or may not be 12:32.
    i may or may not have started my homework yet.
    i certainly laughed at the good old comment from bets. :)
    (i now know what i’m getting jeff for christmas…)

  8. Jeff Says:

    Thanks in advance, Kasie.

    Oh, Erica… I wanted to ask you something. Is SPAM considered a “canned good”?

  9. ericamay Says:

    Thanks for all of the comments so far — keep it up! :)

    Also, I love blog comment conversations (Jeff and Kasie)…way to rack up the can count!! :)

  10. Helen Says:

    Do you mind if I steal the idea for my blog?

    Speaking of which, I linked your site in my blog yesterday :)

  11. rachel Says:

    hominy, jeff? seriously? i used to cry (on the inside) when that was served with lunch at school.

  12. klsumpter Says:

    Oh Erica you are awesome! We actually are doing something like this at my dance classes but with hygene items that our salvation army really needs. So put me in for some baked beans…yum! :)

  13. Julie Says:

    Hominy defined: dried maize (corn) kernels which have been treated with an alkali.

    More information can be found at:

  14. Amy Carlson Says:

    Just here to comment… remember when you lived with Maria in Goodnow and I lived with Jesse? …and you and Jesse did the Special K cereal diet? Or maybe it was just Jesse. I always think of that when I see Special K! :)

  15. Betsy Says:

    You don’t know me, and I don’t know you.
    But I love this site and all you do!
    I don’t eat hominy, or corn from cans-
    But count me in with your giving plans!

  16. Betsy Says:

    Okay, I can’t believe I just posted a lame poem! But I mean it. You can count me in for two, at that! :)

  17. Jeff Says:

    Okay, rebuttal time. I have to defend my choice of hominy.

    Rachel, do you not realize that hominy is God’s canned gift to humanity? In my humble opinion, it’s basically manna from heaven.

    And Julie… wikipedia, really? For all we know, Rachel wrote that wikipedia post just to turn people away from hominy!

    I love hominy :)

  18. ericamay Says:

    Oh, the hominy dispute is cracking me up! :) I happen to enjoy it, but I’m not picky when it comes to any form of vegetable (except peppers).

  19. Michelle Whitesell Says:

    Love the idea Erica! I read your blog all the time – I love looking through all of your photos and reading about your 101 in 1001! Very inspirational – I now have one of my own! Happy Holidays!

  20. rachel Says:

    i like corn. hominy just looks/smells/i’m guessing tastes disgusting..

    can’t say for sure as i haven’t ventured out to try it.

    i think you should do canned fruit! everyone forgets about fruit…

  21. Julie Says:

    Hominy just sounds gross. I have never heard of it nor tried it. I’m with Rachel on this one, canned fruit does seem to get neglected.

  22. Chris Says:

    “manna from heaven” may in fact be the best three word phrase….ever.

    yup, i went there.

  23. Chris Says:

    one more thing…

    there should definitely be a

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  25. no doubt: green beans

  26. Alison Says:

    I ate a whole can of hominy yesterday. Hominy is yummy. There’s another can in the pantry if you’d like to join me for some hominy, brother Jeff.

  27. Chris Wilson Says:

    What’s with you Short children?? I’m with Erica, co-spouse of a Short child, hominy’s okay for me, but you two (Jeff and Alison) are a bit obsessed.

  28. josh solar Says:

    Heck yeah! Since I got your link, that will be 2 for you :)

  29. Cara Says:

    LOVE THE IDEA!!!! That is awesome!

  30. aleks Says:

    As spring time appears
    Flowers unfurl
    You’re slowly turning Petey
    Into a girl.

    (Operation of the Neuter + Girly Sweater Dress = Dog w/ identity issues)
    I saw some other chick write a poem. I wanted to play too.

    Uncle Aleks

    PETA for life!!!

  31. Add a can for me! And if you get a sec come comment on my blog so I can give one for you!

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  33. klsumpter Says:

    Hear Hear to the fruit! Green beans always get the most attention and the poor fruit gets left out like they are the rejects. At least hominey gets to shine for once :P (although it doesn’t sound appetizing).

  34. Leslie Says:

    Put a can of clam chowder in for me. Justin doesn’t know how I can eat it and he hates the smell, but I love it!! I think I started eating it after watching Ace Ventura. Is that the red or the white?

  35. Anne Says:

    Please throw in a box of Annie’s Organic Shells & Cheese for me!

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  37. Justin Martens Says:

    Is there a need for two different colors of clam chowder? My wife’s a weirdo, but I love her. How about some Spaghetti-O’s?

    • ericamay Says:

      I love all of the requests for canned items. :) I’ll do my best to fulfill them! :) And, Leslie might just end up with a box full of clam chowder for Christmas. ;)

  38. Thanks for sharing and caring!

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  41. andrea Says:

    sending some greetings from switzerland!!!

  42. eric Says:

    wow!!! finally getting caught up on my blog reading!!!!

    what a wonderful idea erica!!!!!

    if it’s possible, my preferred can would be creamed corn…..i don’t know why but i just love cream corn!!!!

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  44. We are doing the same. Come comment us. :)

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