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Petey’s First Snow December 9, 2008

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Today was the first real snow day here in Kansas City for the year, and Petey got to ring in the occasion with his new sweater from Old Navy. :) Since he was born last January, and he was too little to go outside during last year’s snow, this was his first official snowy outing, and of course — being the good doggy mom that I am — I took along my camera (fearing just a little bit for its life and mine…I’m not the most graceful on ice!).


Some of you might be tired of all of the posts about my dog, but seriously, can you resist that face? And those cute little paw prints in the snow? Too much for this girl to handle! :)

And I’m more excited about this sweater (courtesy of Old Navy) than anyone should ever be. Hmm…do stripes and argyle go together?


I believe this is Petey’s “I’m ready to go in now” face. He can be a little bossy.


Don’t forget — the Cans for Comments drive is still going on through Sunday, which means every single comment (yes, even all of those about hominy!) left on my blog equals one canned food item for our local food bank. So… share your thoughts! What do you think about Petey’s first winter wonderland? Do you have any fun snow-related memories? :)


14 Responses to “Petey’s First Snow”

  1. Alison Says:

    Petey has played in the snow now, but has he ever tried hominy?

  2. Chris Wilson Says:

    Sooooo…how about those Chiefs…?

  3. Mandy Hank Says:

    I love seeing pics of Petey- it’s your baby, you have to show him off, especially since he’s so cute! I’m so jealous of the snow- we had a cold day here in AZ- all the way down to 65 degrees. :( I sure wish we’d get snow, just for Christmas time.

  4. Breeanna McSpadden Says:

    Petey is adorable! We need to set up a play date with Linus! Linus loves to play!

  5. Melissa B Says:

    Not tired of pictures of Petey. He’s adorable. Glad to see you managed Petey, your camera and the ice/snow without incident.

  6. rachel Says:

    ok. alison beat me too the hominy comment :) but i was going to say “i bet petey wouldn’t eat hominy”

    i still can’t believe your dog owns a sweater…but i suppose he’s cute :) ok.ok…he IS cute.

  7. My dog also loves the snow. He pushes it all over using his nose like a shovel. Totally cute, even when he’s in trouble. Love it.

  8. Beth Says:

    I freakin’ LOOOVE that last picture of Petey! I mean, that face…oh man! He looks so grumpy with his little mustache! HAHAH!

  9. Rebecca Witte Says:

    I once had a miniature schnauzer. Her name was Daisy Doolittle III. She was beautiful, much like Petey….except she had a short tail, her hair was a little more grey, and the tip of one of her ears was missing (my dad’s fault, not mine). Oh how I loved her.

  10. Cara Says:

    I am thinking about getting Buddy dog a sweater too! But there is no snow here, it is cold though! Does Petey like it???

  11. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    Petey’s sister, Lola aka Puppy, is climbing up on my armchair to eat the “fake snow” that I have with my Christmas villages…she thinks it will be wet and cold too like outside! Awesome pictures…

  12. kasie Says:

    hominy for jeff,
    a chipmunk with no wings for erica,
    and a sweater vest for petey.

  13. kasie Says:

    also, if petey needs a dog fleece…
    sampson might let him borrow his.
    thanks betti. :)

  14. Amy Bryan Says:

    I don’t know you but you puppy is the cutest ever! Thanks for your donations. That’s really awesome!

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