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A sneak peek at my new living room decor December 11, 2008

I love Crate and Barrel. Love it. If I could breeze through that store with a shopping cart and a time limit like on that old TV gameshow, Supermarket Sweep, I’d no doubt come out with everything in the store crammed into my cart. I don’t know how I’d do it, but I imagine some superhero powers would emerge and I’d leave with at least one of everything. :)

Anyway, we’re moving into our first house. And I’ve been on this mission for the PERFECT pieces for our new fireplace mantel (along with this beautiful 20×30 canvas…I promise I’ll share photos as soon as it’s all in place!). I’ve had this vision in my head about the types of accessories I wanted to accent against the deep mocha color we so boldly painted the living room walls, and something that would work well with the style and feel of the canvas photo. Yet I kept getting disappointed, even by my trusty Crate and Barrel.

But, alas, during my latest trip to the C&B website, I realized that I had not recently checked out their sister site, cb2! And guess what greeted me when I arrived on the home page? The PERFECT accessories I have spent months trying to find. It’s like the cb2 designers jumped into my dreams sometime last week, reconstructed everything I was imagining, and so kindly placed it on the website just in time for our move in. :)

What’s that? You want to see them? Okay…I’ll share a little sneak peek, but keep in mind, they’ll look even better when I put them in the context of our new living room! Also, click on the photo for the direct link to the online details! Some of these accessories might make really fun Christmas gifts for those hard-to-buy for people on your list.

First, three glass candlesticks with a silver finish. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find these — and they are a steal at cb2!


Jeff’s favorite — he has a minor obsession with stainless steel things — these vases. This, ladies, is how you incorporate things like vases and candlesticks into your room decor to make it not so “girly” — use a “tough” looking material. :) I love these, and I couldn’t find this style anywhere else.


These cool aluminum balls — I love that they come in shiny and matte finishes.


And I am so excited about these vases that HANG on the wall! Genius! I ordered a few different shapes, but here are the teardrop variety:


I’m hoping my finished product with these wall vases will actually look something like this:


Anyway, you may be thinking about how boring these are — all silver and glass and no color — but I still have to decide what to put IN most of these things. :) If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment, since our Cans for Comments campaign is still going on! If you’re just joining the fun, for every comment you (anyone!) leaves on my blog through Sunday, I’m donating one canned good to the local food bank, Harvesters.


6 Responses to “A sneak peek at my new living room decor”

  1. klsumpter Says:

    Ooo I’m excited to see the new house all finished! I decorated my bedroom in dark browns and blues. I did like a nature kind of thing and filled vases with different colored stones(and also put a big one of your pictures of us in sepia above our bed! love it!). I also found some bamboo and put it a pot and it stands out from the floor. Anything different from your ordinary flower in a vase I think is really neat! Can’t wait to see what you come up with….oh and put me in for some fruit cocktail this time for your can buying spree :)

  2. Beth Says:

    Oh CB2 how I love thee! I have been getting their catalogs for a while now! I definitely like to think that I will be making purchases from there for our future house:)!! I definitely second the bamboo idea…it’s beautiful….and green…if I recall, that is your favorite color:) (that’s what happens when checking your blog is a regular occurrence!) I can’t think of anything else to fill them with…natural stones are wonderful! I collect vases, so mine are usually empty…looking pretty just by themselves!

  3. Erin Says:

    Very fun! I love your idea of donations!!!! Hope your holiday is wonderful! Maybe we can see each other again before next June ;)

  4. Sarah Jeanne Says:

    Erica! I love that show Supermarket Sweep!!! O how I miss watching it:( Can’t wait to see pictures from your house!:)

  5. It is very important to choose the right decor for your interior as it reflects what the room is saying or the design is portraying.

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