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“Prom” Night December 12, 2008

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Jeff’s company Christmas party was tonight (yep, the night before we move!) and although it didn’t involve any Secret Santa gift exchanges, egg nog or caroling… it did include a giant-sized cardboard castle, a hot pink balloon release, the crowning of a king and queen and a live band. Yep, the theme this year was a throwback to prom. :)

So in the midst of packing, hauling, packing, cleaning and packing, we got dressed up and headed off to “prom.” I must say, I would have thorougly enjoyed the adventure if the whole time I wasn’t thinking about what else to box up when we got home. And, since our entire home is filled with boxes and furniture in all the wrong places, we couldn’t even get good photos. So, you’ll have to settle for these iPhone versions of our prom photos (it just wasn’t the same as having our parents pose us in front of the fireplace!). I’m sad to say I don’t have any cooler photos to share, but let’s just all agree that we looked awesome, no matter the quality of the iPhone-produced images. :)


I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t have let me out the door on prom night with a guy as bearded as my husband is right now… hee hee. :)



Yeah, we’re cool! :)

Hey, don’t forget the Cans for Comments drive is STILL happening…you have until Sunday at midnight to leave comments, and for every comment, I’m donating a canned good to the local food bank! So leave me a comment! Did you go to prom in high school? Did you wear something hilarious (on purpose or otherwise)? :)


6 Responses to ““Prom” Night”

  1. Carolyn Wenzel Says:

    LOVE the pics! You guys look great. What a fun theme! I hope that you had a good time. And I’m glad to see you in that dress again!

  2. Melissa B Says:

    You two look great – such a fun theme for an office holiday party. Good luck with the moving this weekend.

  3. Cara Says:

    You guys are so cute together! :)

  4. kasie Says:

    erica, just tuck and roll okay?
    i miss you.

  5. eric Says:

    wow! even with the iphone the beard looks amazing! i can’t imagine seeing it with all the pixels your camera would have picked up!

    is the beard part of a contest? competition? old settlers day? movie extra? community theater part? did jeff become a new england fisherman? join zz top? or is he just being awesome….and by awesome mean totally sweet!!!!

  6. rachel Says:

    the beard? hmmm…. :) i love that you got to re-wear that awesome dress!

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