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Family Portraits: The Hathaways December 13, 2008


The Hathaways were one of the families who were nominated for our Christmas Capture Contest. In the nomination submitted by Carolyn, she explained that they deserved a free family portrait session because of all the changes that have happened recently in their family: they just moved to Ft. Leavenworth from California back in 2006, shortly after Eric was deployed with the Army, returning just a few weeks ago. Now, in a few months, they’ll be stationed again somewhere else. Whew! I was so excited to read their story and to see that they were voted as one of our winning families! Hathaways, you were even better in person! :)

The whole family was so easy to photograph, so fun and really willing to take great photos together! These are some of the most well-behaved (yet entertaining!) kids I’ve met. And they’re also so, so adorable.


And their equally awesome parents, who are doing an awesome job raising polite and fun-loving kids:


It was incredibly windy and pretty chilly, but they did a great job looking warm and not too windblown!


My favorite group shot of the session:



I think these next three would look awesome in a series on a wall in their home. It’s not often that a 13, 10, and 7 (or 8?)-year-old are all this photogenic. :)




I love when family sessions capture unscripted moments — when I meet your family for a session, I try to keep it as relaxed as possible so kids can be kids and parents can interact in a natural way. I just love capturing images that really portray your family how you are on a daily basis. Some of my favorite unscripted moments from the Hathaway’s session:


(Right after this sweet shot, Katie had the best shocked face a 13-year-old can make! Ha ha.)



I love this image — everyone laughing and looking at Dad! :)



Moms and Dads just don’t get enough photos taken together. It’s so important to keep taking photos together to really capture the love that grows over the years — and to provide your kids with some awesome images of that love! Hathaways, you are such a great example to your kids (and so cute together!).



Another one of my favorites (seriously, you guys are all model-worthy!):


And, of course, a shot of mom/daughter and dad/sons:



Loose Park is such a cool place for photos, even in the middle of December. I love the bridge, the vines and the bare trees in this photo!


A few more favorite unplanned moments (I think we’re setting a record here for the longest family portrait post ever!):



Hathaways, thanks so much for taking time to meet me and capture some fun images of your family this holiday season. Carolyn, thank YOU so much for nominating them. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2009!


Also, Sunday is your last chance to participate in the Cans for Comments drive. Just leave me a comment (click on the link below) and for each and every comment left anywhere on my blog, I’ll donate a canned good to the local food bank!


9 Responses to “Family Portraits: The Hathaways”

  1. Carolyn Wenzel Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I’m so glad you got to meet this awesome family!

  2. Mylinda Green Says:

    The Hathaways are one of my favorite families, too! Wonderful pictures of them that really capture their incredible spirit.

  3. Mandy Hank Says:

    That mom and daughter hug pic is adorable- so sweet, Great job

  4. Kay Wenzel Says:

    What tremendous photos of my precious friends. You truly captured them – all their love for each other and of life!

  5. Amy Bryan Says:

    These are awesome pictures!! The Hathaways are awesome friends! I’m so excited for Kristin!

  6. What great pics! I’m so happy to see Erik back home with his family.

  7. Beth Says:

    So great Erica! All of your pictures are so different…what a great eye you have! How lucky they are to have those moments captured in such a great way!!

  8. rachel Says:

    i love these photos. some of my favorites of yours. love the father/daughter and husband/wife shots.

  9. Sarah Jeanne Says:

    erica, i love the father/son photo! this family is just way too cute! all the photos are awesome! :)

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